Herbal Cure For Quick Ejaculation Problem In Men Which Is Effective

By: Gordon R Santo

Many men suffer from the problem of quick ejaculation, which can be annoying for conjugal partners, who may not get satisfactory lovemaking experience together. The problem was believed to be a psychological condition in young men and a physical problem in older men as they suffered from ageing which caused dullness in male organs. The new studies in these areas suggest the natural substance serotonin is important for the performance of male reproductive organs. This is the molecule that helps brain cells to communicate. The breakdown of the chemical in brain causes quick ejaculation and a higher level of serotonin in brain delays ejaculations. Herbal cure for quick ejaculation problem have the power to prevent break-up of chemicals in brain and improve communication within brain cells.

Herbal cure for quick ejaculation problem by Lawax capsule and Vital M-40 capsule is effective in reducing the problem of poor control over muscles of the male reproductive organ as it contains certain compounds which can improve the strength of connective tissues holding the organ and the capsules contains certain herbs that can improve the power of brain cells.

Why Safed Musli is used in the preparation of herbal cure for quick ejaculation problem?

Rho-Kinase II (ROCK-II) is the protein that aids the inhibition of muscles of the male reproductive organs, which causes erection, i.e. upon stimulation the muscles of corpus cavernous found in the male organ are inhibited which helps in erection. In a laboratory study it was observed that the regular intake of herb root - Safed Musli helped in improving erectile potential in laboratory rat through ROCK-II inhibition. The benefit to rats suffering from erection issues was observed in laboratory tests and the same was also noted for rats who were suffering from diabetes. The aqueous extract of the herb was taken for 26 days and it restored the impairment related to male reproductive organs. The study also found that the intake of herb was more effective than intake of Asparagus Racemosus and Curculigo Orchioides.

Aphrodisiac properties of Safed Musli: In laboratory tests Safed Musli was found to be equivalent to Vi-agra in improving mounting rate, ejaculatory latency and post ejaculatory intervals, which indicated it provided effective and harmless method to prevents quick ejaculation

Musli for improving immunity: It was effective in increasing immunity of laboratory rats. The test was done for 28 days and it was observed that the rats infected by C. Albicans infection showed an improvement in the non-specific immunity field, when they were given a regular dose of the herb.

Similarly, other herbs in the herbal cure for quick ejaculation problem such as Withania somnifera and Saffron can help in improving the power of brain. Saffron is very effective in increasing communication in the brain cells and it reduces the secretion of chemicals that reduce brain cell power. Withania somnifera has been tested by many leading drug makers and has been approved to be effective in promoting better memory and brain power. These properties of herbs make the capsules most effective and the best recommended herbal cure for quick ejaculation problem.

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