Herbal Calcium Supplements, Cures Calcium Deficiency In Men And Women

By: Christian Harris

Calcium plays vital role in our body. Bones and muscles require 99% of the calcium whereas 1 percent of calcium is needed in blood for important functions. It also regulates the functioning of our heart. You need to ensure sufficient intake of calcium to meet our body needs. Adults require 1300 mg of calcium daily. Kids need 300 mg of calcium daily. Deficiency of calcium could lead to various diseases like brittle nails, back pain, eczema, brittle and soft bones, heart palpitations, insomnia, rickets and tooth decay. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to provide the body with necessary calcium to ensure strong bones and muscles to perform daily activities and stay healthy. You are advised to consume Calcivon tablets, which are the best herbal calcium supplements, to meet daily calcium needs of your body.

It is one of the best herbal supplements to cure calcium deficiency in men and women naturally. Its key ingredients are Mukta Sukhti Bhasam, Base, Aspartame, Godanti Hadtal Bhasam, Khatika and permitted flavors, colors and preservatives.

To cure calcium deficiency in men and women naturally, you need to consume two Calcivon tablets daily with milk or plain water after intake of food. You need to regularly consume these herbal calcium supplements for 90 or 120 days to meet calcium requirements and improve health of bones and muscles.

Calcium plays a vital role in clotting of your blood. It also controls secretion of essential hormones and helps to produce essential enzymes for your body functioning. In the absence of calcium, your body takes calcium from bones and muscles. It reduces the strength of bones and you are likely to suffer from bone fractures and brittle bones.

Regular intake of herbal calcium supplements nourishes your bones and joints and prevents atrophy due to growing age. Intake of calcium is not enough to prevent bone atrophy. You need to provide vitamin D along with calcium to aid digestion and absorption of essential nutrients for the bones and body. It is also provided by the herbal supplements. Herbal bone and joint pills also ensure functions like purification of blood, boost circulatory system, aid digestion, reduce acid levels in blood, improve immunity and control infections. Therefore, these herbal pills also ensure flexibility of bones and joints to perform daily chores effectively and painlessly.

Lack of exercises is one of the reasons for poor health of joints and bones. You should make habit practicing exercises like push-ups, yoga, jogging, frog jump, stretching etc., apart from consuming herbal pills to cure calcium deficiency in men and women. You should stop intake of alcohol. Healthy diet is essential for ensuring all the vital nutrients and to flush out toxins from your body to prevent formation of stones. Also foods rich in calcium helps to strengthen and ensure health of joints, muscles and bones naturally without any side effects.

You are advised to include sesame seeds, green leafy vegetables such as methi, spinach, celery and lettuce, ginger, pumpkin seeds, butter milk, curds, paneer, egg yolks, fatty fish and cheese in your daily diet.

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