Help for New Home Owners

By: Charles Kassotis

If you have just moved into your own home for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of managing all the small details of your property. For example, where is the fuse box? Why does the furnace sound so loud? Do you need a new dishwasher? These and other anxieties can be difficult for a new homeowner who does not know where to go for help. Of course, you may be able to call Mom and Dad if they live close by or can be reached by telephone. But sometimes, family members aren’t able to help much, either.

One place to look for help is online at various Internet sites. Some offer free advice, helpful guidelines, or online discussion boards where you can ask about anything with which you need assistance. There are sites devoted to home appliances, others dedicated to property maintenance, and plenty that provide tips on how to decorate your house with appropriate furnishings and accents. Take advantage of all this free information in order to make the most of your living space. From changing a lawn mower wheel to cleaning the attic, help is just a click of the mouse away.

It also may be a good idea to enroll in a community class for first-time homeowners or renters. These may be thematically arranged to help people with lawn care, cleaning tips, storage ideas, and so on. You can learn from experts in a particular field, sometimes for free or at a low cost. Look for courses, seminars, or workshops in your area by contacting home supply stores, hardware stores, or appliance outlets. If no classes are being offered, suggest that the store offer one and promote its availability. Then be sure to tell everyone you know who might be interested. If enough people come to the first one, the store may be more likely to offer others in the future.

No matter your age or gender, it also may be helpful to pick up a self-help book or two for fixing things around the house. Whether you need to tile the bathroom floor, hang a wall picture, or waterproof the basement, you might be able to do it more cheaply yourself as long as you follow special precautions and guidelines or seek needed help if you are unable to do it yourself. Some communities sponsor a corps of retirees who provide maintenance help for reduced fees. Ask your area’s small business service or chamber of commerce about this type of provision. Again, if none exists presently, suggest the formation of this type of group for the future.

There are plenty of home decorating classes available to take on the Internet or in larger cities. Find out if one is offered near you, or visit local furniture stores to see if decorating seminars are scheduled in the near future. You can get great ideas and helpful tips by attending programs of this type.

Home care, preservation, and decoration can be intimidating, but there are available resources, so take time to find and use them.

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