Helix Flight Manufacturing's Anchors, Machines, and Helixes

By: Helix Flight

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines has produced helixes and anchor parts for companies in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Japan. The company, which is referred to by its clients as HFMML, specializes in helix manufacturing machines, screw piles, anchor screws, and other anchor-related parts. The company was formed in 2012 to help international clients find effective solutions to all of their helix manufacturing problems.

Benefits of Using Helix Flight

One of the biggest benefits of using Helix Flight for your next manufacturing project is that the company uses environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly manufacturing methods to produce their helixes and screw piles.

HFMML cares deeply about the future of our planet, which is why they source all of their materials from local refineries and mills. The company understands that by buying parts and raw materials locally, they can eliminate much of the fossil fuel pollution that results from shipping products long distances. Helix Flight also invests heavily in the research and development of lighter helixes.

Consultation and Professional Advice

Because Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines has so much production experience, the company frequently consults with manufacturing firms in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. More specifically, Helix Flight assists companies with production issues related to boat anchors, anchor screws, standardized helixes, and conveyors. The manufacturing firm also helps client with assembly issues, augers, and soil agitators.

Helix Flight Version 2

One of the most innovative aspects of Helix Flight's business is their patented computer program, Helix Flight. The New Zealand-based company recently released the second version of this program, called Helix Flight Version 2. This program is capable of producing helixes with diameters between 50 millimeters and 2500 millimeters. Helix Flight Version 2 designs these aforementioned helixes with a thickness that ranges from 2 millimeters and 40 millimeters. This inventive computer program also creates helixes with notched edges, as well as helixes with internal legs.

Production Catalog

Helix Flight's production catalog is comprised of both specialist helix types and standard helixes. On the specialist side of things, Helix Flight creates helixes with variable pitches, tapered edges, inter-legged helixes, notched helixes, and helixes with different types of spirals. These spiraled helixes are generally used in producing marine anchors.

HFMML's two most popular products, though, are the Ultra-Adjustable Helix and Rapid Standardized Helix. The Rapid Standardized Helix is great for both screw piles and conveyor belts. Helix Flight designs the Rapid Standardized with a diameter measuring between 50 millimeters to 1000 millimeters.

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Helix Flight Manufacturing Machines is New Zealand's most respected helix manufacturer. HFMML makes parts for aquatic anchors, screw piles, soil augers, and conveyor belts. The company's computer program, Helix Flight, is capable of producing helixes at all thicknesses, which is great for companies who need customized parts for their products.

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