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If you are in search of high quality heat shrink tubing for your industrial or manufacturing requirements that will suit your exact needs, Buy heat shrink is the ideal online destination for all your requirements. We are a company that specializes in heat shrink technology products and materials for both industrial usage as well as any other businesses that require materials of this type.
We stock the full range of Bentley Harris products as well as various other types of heat shrink tools and fabrics, guaranteeing that all products are of the highest standard of quality at the most affordable price.

Uses for heat shrink tubing are various and can be found in technological as well as mechanical fields. Typically used to cover and insulate wiring in computers, televisions, video machines, cars and all other forms of automotive transport vehicles including planes and boats, heat shrink tubing is extremely versatile and durable and serves as the ideal means of compounding wiring or cables and securing water resistance to avoid shorting of electronics or rusting of wire cables. Our products come in a range of colors to suit your exact needs and circumstances. If you require a smaller quantity of heat shrink tubing for your project, we will refer you to one of our affiliated providers, as we typically supply our tubing products in large scale quantities.

Our heat shrink tubing types range in application appropriateness based on their melting temperature and composition to be resilient to temperature, water or chemicals. Generally you can use a number of heat sources to mould and shrink your tubing, but professionally it is preferred to use a specialized heat gun or hot air oven to obtain the optimal pliability and effectiveness of the material. Our range varies from polyolefin, PVC, Neoprene and Viton types and has been specially designed to adhere to the highest and most rigorous standards, including military specifications and other standard bureaus' requirements.

In addition to our range of heat shrink tubing, we also offer the full range of all cable ties available on the market for any use, from standard domestic usage to heavy duty, high strength capacity cable ties for industrial and manufacturing usage. We affiliate with the best known, most well established providers of materials to ensure that you receive only the highest standard products and tools to ensure that your manufacturing process is of an optimal standard.

Ordering products through our website is fully secure thanks to our SSL encoded payment processes and shipping is available anywhere within the United States or Canada. If you are located outside these regions, e-mail us for a customized shipping quote. For full information on our shipping charges and return policies, have a look at our website. We have optimized our product sales availability by requesting a minimum fixed rate of $25 per customer order. Whatever your requirements for heat shrink tubing or other heat shrink materials, Buy heat shrink is the one online destination where you will find everything at the best price.

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