Heartworm Medicine: A Buyer’s Guide

By: SA Perillo

Heartworm is a very serious disease or condition that can threaten the safety and ultimately, the life of your dog. It is the condition that results from a larval infection or complication brought about by insect mosquito or insect bites if you are like most dog owners, then the safety and well-being of man’s best friend is your primary concern and priority. More often than not, most dog owners turn into serious spenders and panic shoppers when they hear of the latest accessories that can pimp up the look of your dog, so what more about spending money on more important things. Fortunately for you, the best advice that we can give is to first be aware of the signs that your dog is exhibiting which may hint of the real score regarding your dog’s condition. Once you have done this, the next logical thing to do is keep yourself informed regarding the most recent trends and developments in dog health and wellness, like the proper and most appropriate preventive methods to use.

It is always best to start from the very basic background knowledge on such heartworm preventive medicines. And so we begin with the general forms or methods of treatment for this infamous disease. There are three methods which are most commonly known, and these are through the use of injections, oral or ingestible medicines, and topical solutions. Among these, we would advise against the injections right away because this is not something that we prefer you do alone without professional supervision causing you to seriously injure or hurt your dogs, most especially ones who have trouble with keeping still. And so we will focus more on the other two alternatives, namely oral and topical, which are a lot easier and a lot more practical to administer. It is said that among these two remaining alternatives, oral method is the more preferred option. Pet medicine manufacturers have also gotten a little more creative with the ingestible pills and tablets that they produce. Some are even made as chewable which are easier for the dogs that are not at all picky with what they gnaw at.
Beef and pork liver flavored tablets have also been mastered in order to conspicuously administer to dogs along with their dog food. On the other hand, we have topical treatments, which are also often called “spot on” treatments that may perhaps seem more concentrated on certain affected areas however may have some side effects in time most especially with dogs and other such domestic pets with more sensitive skin. Now there are a lot of these two that you can find all over. It is very common nowadays most especially in pet shops and pet stores to find various medicines and treatments for pets.

However, while it might be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the different brands of medicine and treatments to heartworm, sticking to these branded variants will only cost you more. Most of these only differ in names anyway. Hence, buyers need to be cautioned and forewarned. Consider this as your very own buyer’s guide.

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