Heart Specialists: a branch of medical education

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One of the popular branches of medical education is heart surgery. Many medical professionals choose to study a specialized area and are known as heart specialists. This branch of medical education mainly includes heart treatments, which are of different types. A student is given different kinds of training in the medical institute. They are also known to be specialist in the field of cardiology.
The hospitals or medical institutes offering training in heart treatments are equipped with all kinds of advanced facilities and professional cardio thoracic surgeons, expert cardiologists and specialists for non-invasion ECP treatments. Such medical education institutes or hospitals possess a team of specialized surgeons and world class facilities. The institutes train the candidates in various techniques to become heart specialists. An expert heart specialist should acquire the training and become skilled in the following procedures:
• Angiography
• Aortic Stent Grafting
• Angioplasty
• Carotid
• Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery (Redo CABG/ CABG/ Carotid)
• Angioplasty with Medicated Stent (Xience-V/ Endeavour/Cypher)
• Double Heart Valve Replacement
• I.C.D. Implantation (Double/Single/ Combo Chamber)
• Electrophysiology Complex Study (EPS)
• Pacemaker (Single/ Biventricular/ Double)
• Heart Transplant (contingent upon brain dead donor)
• Single Heart Valve Replacement
• Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
• Pediatric Cardiac Surgery (VSD/ASD)

The problems addressed by medical institutes to train the candidates for successful keyhole bypass surgery are holes in the heart, blocks in valves or other birth related diseases, coronary artery disease, mixing of blood inside the heart, diseases attacking the valves, etc which need heart surgery.

The training given by medical institutes can be of three types:
• For normal method of surgery: Under this the heart is opened through a cut in the midline. Lung’s and the heart’s functioning is stopped. Until the surgery gets over, a heart machine is utilized to maintain the functions of lungs and heart. Blood is then cooled down. The heart of the patient is stopped by inserting cardioplegia, which paralyses the heart temporarily. After the surgery ends, the heart lung machine is ceased for the original organs to take over their function. However, a trained heart specialist should also know that there can be following problems, due to the use of Heart Lung Machine and thus this surgery should be performed under extreme care:
• Brain problems such as stroke
• Excessive bleeding, which requires blood transfusion
• Kidney Dysfunction
• Increased cost
• Increased infection chances

• For Minimally Invasive Valve Operation: Under this kind of surgery, small cuts are made in the chest so that the heart is visible. Then the operation is conducted. After stopping the function of the heart, valve replacement is done. Robotic surgery or Bypass surgery is done with the help of robots with the incision of 3”. With the aid of endoscopy, the arteries and veins can be removed.

• For Beating Heart surgery: This kind of surgery is done without stopping the heart function. A special device is needed to stabilize that part of the heart which is being operated. This surgery lowers the risk for any kind of complications which might arise owing to the stopping of the heart. The heart keeps on beating and circulation of blood continues during the entire surgery. There are several advantages of this surgery, such as.
• It does not need any blood transfusion
• It assures quicker rate of recovery
• It reduces the chance of infection

These three main kinds of surgery are usually taught in the hospitals or medical institutes and which any trained heart specialist should know about. NIHE India is one of the leading medical entrance coaching institutes in Northern India with several branches spread across cities for great results in medical coaching classes

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NIHE India is one of the leading medical entrance coaching institute in Norther India with several branches spread across cities for great results in medical coaching classes

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