Healthy Food Choices During Chemotherapy

By: Sarah Carlye

When going through chemotherapy, healthy food choices are important. It takes a lot of energy to fight cancer.

Being as strong as possible before fighting cancer with a round of chemotherapy treatment will reduce the risk of weight loss.

Once the nausea and vomiting pass after chemo treatments, it is important to rebuild the body.

Not only does chemotherapy kill cancer cells, it also kills healthy cells. These cells will need to be rebuilt between treatments. This can be done with protein drinks and healthy food choices. Food choices should include foods that are packed with nutrients. Some healthy food choices include:

• Whole grains
• Meats
• Fruits
• Vegetables
• Nuts

The less processed the food that is eaten, the better, because it will have higher nutritional value.

After days of nausea and vomiting it may be hard to get back to eating. Taking a few bites of food when able, while nauseated and/or vomiting, will help. The digestive acids in the stomach will continue to be produced even when there is no food to digest. Eating a few bites of food, even if it doesn’t stay down, may ease the discomfort from the acids in the stomach and also reduce dry heaves. It will be easier to eat after the nausea and vomiting pass, if some food is eaten every day, even when sick from the chemotherapy treatment.

Though it’s important to eat nutrition packed foods, be sure to eat foods that you enjoy between chemotherapy treatments and foods that are high in calories. This will help maintain your weight when you can’t eat much after chemo treatment.

Food can taste different when going through chemotherapy. Eating full flavored, well-seasoned foods and dishes are recommended. When food tastes good, it is easier to eat more, which helps maintain weight. Italian food is often enjoyed because it’s full of flavor. Though Italian dishes can be made low calorie, there are many options that include pasta and breads that will help a cancer patient maintain weight.

Right before chemotherapy treatments, a cancer patient often feels their best and has the best appetite. A special dinner out or making a special meal before the scheduled treatment can often hold them over until their appetite comes back a few days after treatment. An Italian restaurant can provide a family atmosphere and good flavorful healthy food that tastes good to everyone.

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