Healthy Feet

By: Sarah Carlye

High quality shoes, even scientifically designed shoes, like the ones from Stepgym, won’t be comfortable if there are foot health problems.

Foot problems can interfere with exercising, work, and recreation. Foot problems should be prevented whenever possible.


Among the most common foot problems are blisters on the feet. Blisters can occur in new shoes even when they fit properly. Over wearing shoes for the first time, worn socks, and shoes not tightened properly are some of the causes of blisters. To avoid blisters the following can be done:

• Follow a wearing schedule with new shoes. Start out with a couple hours and see how you feel. Wear shoes less or more the next time depending on how your feet feel.
• Check inside shoes regularly for worn areas and replace shoes as needed.
• Wear newer, thicker socks that absorb moisture.
• Be sure laces are tightened properly; recheck after shoes are walked in.


Natural moisture in shoes may create an environment for athlete’s foot fungus to grow. Athlete foot can make skin (especially between the toes) dry, scaly, itching, blisters, and inflammation. The following may help prevent athlete’s foot:

• Wash feet daily with warm soapy water.
• Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes.
• Wear absorbent socks and change regularly.
• Avoid shoes that don’t allow the foot to breathe.
• Use foot sprays and powders that treat athlete’s foot as a preventive.
• Change shoes.
• Clean tub, shower, and floors in bathrooms with disinfectant when shared with others to avoid getting athlete’s foot from others.

Having a second pair of shoes, like the Stepgym shoe, to alternate wearing will keep both shoes from wearing out as quickly and help to prevent athlete’s foot.


Repeated friction, pressure, and rubbing will cause dead skin to build up and compact to protect the area. Corns usually occur on the toes and calluses will form on other parts of the feet. Moleskin and pads can lessen the discomfort of corns and calluses. In severe cases a podiatrist should be consulted. Some lotions and creams when used over time may remove some of the layers of dead skin. Cutting and scraping corns and calluses with any instrument is not recommended and can cause damage to feet.

To prevent corns and calluses from forming wear well fitting shoes with thick socks. Inspect feet regularly to prevent further irritation when the beginning of a corn or calluses is discovered. Change shoes regularly. Use foot creams to keep skin soft. Soaking feet can also help soften callused skin.


Keep toenails trimmed and smooth to avoid irritation. Broken toenails can be painful and cause sores. Trimmed toenails reduce the risk of broken nails. Clean under the nails to prevent odor of the feet and shoes.

Wearing well fitting quality shoes will help prevent foot problems. Stepgym shoes are quality shoes designed to increase the benefits of walking. The Stepgym is a workout in every step. Order your Stepgym shoe today.

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