Healthy Diet Plans—3 Fabulous Diet Plans To Choose From

By: Sonam Roi

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Healthy Diet Plans—3 Fabulous Diet Plans to Choose From


But simply providing you with some diet plans will not work. You need to know the guidelines that will tell you how to make the following diets truly personalized.

However helping you to perfectly personalize your diet here would be very tough, unless I know your stats like height, weight, and other biomarkers, but the following specific guidelines will surely help. After checking out the diets below you have any comments/queries you can let me know in the comment below!

Based on your fitness goals, you need to select the total calories that you should eat every day. Go through this Ten Step Process to creating the perfect diet plan for fat loss/muscle building.

For fat loss, you should eat 10-30% less than your TDEE.

To build muscle you should eat 5-10% more than your TDEE.

Go through this Ten Step Process to creating the perfect diet plan for fat loss/muscle building.

Coming back to the main topic:

What really constitutes a healthy diet plan?

A diet plan should have all 13 essential vitamins and all trace minerals.
A diet plan should have enough fiber. Men need roughly 35-40g per day, whereas females need 25g daily.
A diet plan should have food sources which are in sync with one’s cultural preferences.
Not everyone can eat tuna out of a can, right?

A diet plan should be flexible enough to match one’s schedule and lifestyle.
A diet plan should be allowed at least few hundred calories from one’s favourite food items like ice-creams, alcohol and other junk foods.
If a diet plan has all of the above, then there is a very high probability that a person will stick to it in the long run:)

With that thought in mind here are 3 diet plans.

Note: 1200 calories is ONLY for females. For any man, it would be considered a starvation diet and they should focus on eating at least 1500 calories daily no matter what their height/weight is.

1200 calorie diet plan

1500 calorie diet plan

1800 calorie Indian veg diet

Enrol in my Free Nutrition for a Fit & Healthy Body-A Beginners Course to get more diet plans and the basic science and guidelines that will help you with your diet.

Let me know if you have any comments below!

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