Healthiest Way to Smoke

By: Andrew Ralp

If you are looking for a way to smoke but you want to keep it as healthy as possible, then there are various methods that you might want to consider. Smoking cigarettes is very much yesterday's news and the threat of cancer and addiction is simply too great for most people to continue with. By using cigars, pipes and extreme q vaporizers we are able to smoke in much more healthy ways to enjoy our habit without causing damage to our body. But which is the healthiest? Here we will look.

Cigarettes: Cigarettes are bad for you in any number of ways. They require you to inhale the smoke that you create and this immediately means breathing a carcinogen right into your lungs and alveoli where it can cause serious damage. The most obvious damage is cancer which can affect the lungs, the esophagus and the mouth, but you can also struggle with things like emphysema in which the alveoli collapse. Meanwhile you are also looking at a range of other conditions that can affect you if you smoke. Tar gets inhaled for instance and this can slow your heart rate, increase blood pressure and cause a lot of damage too. Because cigarettes also contain nicotine they are additionally addictive so you are also likely to smoke more than you should once you start.

Pipes and Cigars: Pipes and cigars however are much healthier alternatives for one simple reason you don't inhale the smoke. Rather you simply breath it into your mouth and let it sit there before blowing it out. Here what you are enjoying is the taste because the tobacco is much stronger. However if you use this you will find that you are still risking addiction and still risking mouth cancer as the smoke can still damage the delicate tissue of the mouth. Your teeth can suffer too and it's generally still ill-advised. Famously Freud who was always seen with a cigar in hand, was killed by mouth cancer, and many other famous cigar smokers have suffered the same fate.

Hookahs: Hookah pipes are much healthier than any of the previously suggested methods of smoking and have no inhaling and far fewer negative substances in the fumes. They aren't completely safe to smoke, but this is a much safer pass time and as it's not addictive it doesn't hurt to use them from time to time.

Vaporizers: Meanwhile the best vaporizers, such as extreme q vaporizers, are able to let you inhale the active ingredients of a herb or plant material without the negative implications. This is because the substance is extracted through steam, and this makes it less of a carcinogen. In fact the actual steam itself is completely healthy and safe if you use the best vaporizers the only risks are associated with the nature of whatever it is that you are inhaling. Depending on what you choose to smoke in this case you can use the best vaporizers completely risk free and not worry about negative consequences. Of course if you put the wrong materials in, then even the best vaporizers will be dangerous. As with anything it is a matter of using them responsibly and of recognizing the benefits.

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