Health Services' Excessive Prescription of Medications

By: Steve Gink

Many people have started to become disillusioned with the health services and the seemingly excessive prescription of medication. Alternative medicine, formerly the mainstay of the hippy or green individual, is now becoming more appealing to the mainstream and is indeed encouraged by some medical professionals in addition to conventional medicine.

For certain symptoms, alternative medicine can prove very beneficial. Holistic therapies are also good for personal wellbeing in addition to aiding in the recovery of certain physical ailments.

For muscular aches, massage is a widely recognised treatment. Many are not aware that it is a form of alternative medicine or that there are various types of massage available dependent on the location and type of injury.

Sports Massage is most commonly used for those with muscle damage caused during sporting pursuits. To qualify as a sports masseur requires extensive study and a good knowledge of human biology in relation to muscles, bones, joint and ligaments. This is because in these cases there is often actual damage to the muscles, such as tears or strains. In order to help them heal they must be massaged correctly with this knowledge at the forefront of the masseurís mind to prevent further damage. An uninformed masseur has the potential to make the problem worse if they do not know exactly how to treat the specific problem.

Swedish Body Massage is most commonly used to treat general muscle aches and pains. A good masseur would assess the patient prior to treatment and evaluate the extent of the problem and if they felt it was due to in injury rather than just a stiffness or tension, would refer the patient to a Sports Massage specialist. However, if the problem is not serious a Swedish Body Massage can release tension and nodules in the muscles and is tailored to the area of the body where the problem lies. Usually the massage is offered as either a full or half body and the patient can choose which they prefer. The specific area of discomfort will then be concentrated on with the rest of the body being treated to a general massage in addition. This treatment is also great for personal well-being as it can promote general relaxation, as well as the easing of any muscular pain. For many who receive the treatment it is purely for its benefits for the soul and as a treat and not for any particular medical concern.

Indian Head Massage is more specialised as it concentrates on a smaller part of the body. However, it is not just a treatment for the head as the name suggests. These massages work on the head, face, neck, upper back and shoulders and are the most widely used to treat shoulder ache associated with sitting in front of a computer all day. This treatment can also help with those suffering from migraine, sinus problems or stress.

All of these treatments carry no associated risks with them, provided they are carried out by a qualified professional. However, there are things you can do and expect to feel immediately afterwards and over the next couple of days. This can include an increase in muscle ache before it gets better, tiredness and in some cases, headache. It is always advisable to drink a lot of water, however the masseur should advise you of what to do and expect at the time of the treatment.

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