Healing Star and Personal Growth

By: David T.

Many of us are spurred to seek out healing systems because of an acute need in our lives. It might be a physical illness, a psychological issue, emotional problems or something more vague, for example when you just don't feel like yourself. Others find themselves drawn towards sacred healing systems without having a clear cause or reason. It doesn't really matter what the original cause or catalyst to seek healing was- what really matters is that you are seeking healing through healing systems that work with powerful, natural energy. It sounds a bit odd to say, but the healing system seems to have it's own designs and motivations. Of course, those who are familiar with energy healing systems might not find it odd at all. After all, with Reiki energy, the practitioner directs the energy, but they don't chose what work it does. Rather, the Reiki energy itself moves through the person's being to where it is needed most. Oftentimes the way an illness presents itself is only through the symptoms of a deeper issue, so if any part of a system is out of balance the other side of the balance is affected as well, rather than the symptom just being a singular problem.

This is actually par for the course, and doesn't make it any easier or any harder to heal an issue. Modalities such as Reiki or Rising Star, which is sometimes referred to as the healing star modality, work with the entire being of a person- their spirit, the body, and their mind. It takes into account the psycho-emotional, the physical, and the mental aspects of an illness. For those who are new to this theory of healing, there are several different ways that it can be explained- and there are many healing systems that vary slightly as well. Many people already know that stress has a negative effect on the immune system, and that being overly-tired can make one more prone to stress and illness. Here are some other things to think about: the English language is full of phrases that demonstrate our unconscious understanding of the connections between the body, mental, and emotional experiences. For example, people shoulder responsibility or carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. When people need to say something they've been holding close, they have to get it off their chest.

There are also systems that look at the body as a map of the whole experience. Different parts of the body can be viewed symbolically. The legs are the ability to move forward, the wrists are the ability to handle things, the ribcage is about support, and so on. When stressed, many people hold tension in their neck and shoulders, hence carrying the world on your shoulders- and it helps anyone to recognize the connection. It isn't actually so far a jump to see that other physical conditions may have emotional or psychological components accompanying them- for example, there are many diagnosable mental disorders that cause physical symptoms.

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Sacred healing systems and energy healing systems, for example the healing star modality, can be hard for many people to understand and therefor they do not believe energy healing works. However, if you think of it in a different way, it becomes a little clearer. Tension and stress can be felt in your shoulders, hence the phrase carrying the world on your shoulders- so if the negative energy of stress can cause physical problems, than its not a stretch to say that positive energy can heal. SQ Wellness is a great starting resource for learning about healing systems that are available to everyone, regardless of your spiritual beliefs or religion.

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