Have you remembered the greatest game characters

By: Hayden

Some games role as star, are hot in the beginning, will soon take a back seat, also there is someone has been active in the game industry, let's look at the ten greatest role.
1. Gordon Freeman
Dr. Freeman is a fictional character, is the game's protagonist of the "Half-Life" series. As a theoretical physicist, he was involved in a life and death fight against aliens and humans. He must face the dangerous environment, a near escape. Gordon never speak, nor mission briefings and others - all of the action require players to observe and control. Gordon's image appears only in the game covers and advertisements. It is the propaganda tools rather than the Gordon the true image.
2 Max Payne
This third-person shooter protagonist has its name and surname, Max Payne. Under the statenents of Max deep voice, the players decide his next move. Some fragments of game are mixed with surreal nightmare and hallucinations caused by the drug. The bullet time is the most unique gameplay, a group of slow-motion shots - once started, time slows down, the naked eye can see the bullet trajectory, convenient Max to react. Although Max's action is also slow, players can still target enemy to fire, formation of the overwhelming advantages to the enemy sometimes, when the last enemy was killed, the camera switches to the third person perspective, revolves around a fallen body rotation. Likewise, the camera will follow the bullets fired by a sniper rifle.
3 Sonic the Hedgehog
Since the invention of this blue hedgehog with gentleman's long legs, Sega's fund sources are always full. Sonic can supersonic run, rolled into a thorn balls to attack enemies. He is the mascot of Sega. Sega can achieve great success in 16-bit gaming era, mostly thanks to this hedgehog.
4 Marcus Fenix
Who can forget the first time to play Marcus in the "Gears of War"? Who can forget the first time to wield chainsaws to assassinate an enemy? In war, Marcus military career rose steeply. In Epyhra battle, he broke away from his job, to save his father Adam Fenix. Marcus did not rescue his father, was also detained in a military court prison, sentence of 40 years. In the beginning of the game, and his friend and comrade Dom Santiago released Marcus from prison. He re-joined the army to help Delta squad to clear the bomb, in the task, team suffered great losses. When their commander, Lt. Minh Young Kim died in the war, Marcus promoted to become the commander of the squad until the "Gears of War" trilogy ended, he still maintained the title, played an important role in helping people overcome the Locust and Lambent war. Elimination of these two races, Marcus contributed, he stabbed Queen Locust to death, is the important cause of Locust General RAAM and Skorge death.
5 Scorpion
The scorpion is the occasional boss of "Mortal Kombat" series, appeared in 1992. In the game, he is an immortal ninja ghost, revenge for itself, their family and clan Shirai Ryu's death, they are killed by their opposing sectarian Lin Kuei and Sub-Zero.

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