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There are many myths attached to the best mattress. The soft and fluffy ones which are very comfortable to sleep in will prove to be a cause for pain in the long run. One would be aware of the mattress related problems if one has gone through any of the mattress reviews.
Why is it important to choose the right mattress?
Almost one third of our life is spent sleeping. That means we spent that amount of time on our mattress which makes it a very important thing in our life and we should put a lot more time choosing the right one than we already do.
Choosing the best mattress
The soft ones may cause stiffening of muscles and pain in the back or the neck. A mattress should neither be too soft nor too hard because the hard ones put on a lot of pressure on the areas like shoulder and the hips.
The mattress must be firm and should be able to support your body in a gentle way. It should be able to mold itself according to the body structure when you sleep.
The right time to change the mattress
The mattress after a certain period of time or after certain amount of use starts losing its firmness and nor are they able to adequately support your body. At the most a mattress can be used for ten years. After that it should be changed. Though it is a norm that until the mattress becomes really useless people do not change it.
Mattresses generally develop lumps which are not at all good for your body from the health point of view. So as soon as something of this sort happens to your mattress understand it is time to change.
Types of Mattresses
There are many types of mattress available in the market. Depending upon what they are made up of they can be divided into three categories. These are:
1 There's one which is stuffed with plastic foam which are available with different levels of firmness. But since it does not let the air to pass it makes the person sleeping on it sweaty and humid. By sleeping on this type of mattress one loses a certain amount of moisture every night which is absolutely not safe for one's health.
2 The next ones contain steel coils which have padded layers on the top and also below. These mattresses are firm.
3 The third type is the one which sags under your body.
The best mattress is the one with coils as they have enough space for the air to move in and out and even the degree of firmness wanted can be chosen.
So before buying your mattress read the mattress reviews and then make your choice.

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