Have You Ever Seen A Clockwork Skyscraper

By: yang

Conan was sorting letters, he found a sealed letter sent to Xinyi which is written by a famous architect Moriya Di II inviting him to attend his new tea party. Unable to participate in the identity of Xinyi, Conan called Xiaolan to replace him go. But Xiaolan agreed on condition that Xinyi and her met at 22:00 on May 3rd to go to the movies. The May 4th day is his birthday! Conan had forgotten this incident. Xiaolan talked about the things with Moriya Di II before the tea party.

The afternoon of May 3, Xiao Lan went out. Conan had no idea but saw the news that the powder keg of gunpowder stolen. A lot of recent arson attacks seemed to have come from the hands of the same person. Then the prisoner called Xinyi, claiming that he handed a bomb. Xinyi must go to the green park in new Nakatsugawa immediately, or someone innocent would die. Conan rushed there using the skateboard. He found the kids in their detective group were playing an unknown bombers. Although Conan destroyed the plane, but it still had exploded. Then again called the criminal, he said at 1 o'clock in the station square meters a bomb would explode. He only suggested that it was hid in the tree. Conan came to the station and found that the bomb was placed in a basket mounted petcat. Because Japanese roots and cats are homonyms in sound. But the basket was taken away. Conan managed to catch up with the basket. It would explode in only 20 seconds. But the countdown timer showed 16 seconds and then suddenly stopped. When Conan took the bomb, it began to take a while to beat. Conan threw the bomb away from the crowd. However, the bomb was exploded, he was also injured in hospital.

Everyone in the hospital suspected the CIA of Xinyi did this, for Xinyi had broken a most influential case in Xi Duomo. The former mayor of the city of Xi Duomo who crashed the case step down because of that. Xi Duomo City Services construction program was canceled. Then the prisoner phoned again soon, saying that in Tokyo online ring he installed five bombs. At 4 pm, when the traveling speed of the train was under 60 kilometers, or the sun goes down, then it would explode. He only suggested that the bomb was in the "XX of X". while the children group were also on board. Conan got the answer from solar that the bomb was "between the tracks". But only after that did they found that the stolen explosives was spent only 1 / 4. Shiratori police officer found several damaged buildings are made by 30-year-old Moriya Di II before. Conan found Xi Duomo model building program in the exhibition room of his home city of the town and revealed Moriya.
Seemingly the end of the event was not over, the prisoners said that he has a bomb placed in the largest hall in the rice flower. And whats more, it was the place where Xiaolan was! The time of explosion was not much left. Conan made every effort to come to the building, with telephone contacting Xiaolan and teaching her how to dismantle a bomb. Finally, only two wires, in the end Which one Lan would cut ? This time was at 0:00 on May 4th!

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