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By: Jose K. Tullis

It is being considered that eyes are most beautiful part of a women’s body because eyes is the mirror of our soul. Not only as a reflector but eyes act as an effective tool to attract some one towards you. They add seductive feature to the women. Women always wanted to have good eyes, big and nice eyelashes. But sometimes, girls born with short eyelashes or some lost their eyelashes due to some medical problem or with the age. To overcome this problem, companies have come up with certain treatment products which help you in growing your eyelashes naturally.

Latisse (white gel), the eyelash grower is the first FDA approved product which helps in encouraging the eyelash growth and cure the problem of losing eyelashes due to several reasons. While the human head hair will for up to three years before they fall out, eyelashes grow for only three months. Eyelashes can only be made grow longer if the growing period will be increased, according to the study. The study also tells us, that the number of eyelashes present on the eyelid can also be increased by the same procedure.

The product marketed as an eyelash thickener is actually a drug which is used in eye drop form called bimatoprost under the brand Lumigan. It was reported that after using Lumigan, people have seen the hair growth and thickening of the same as a side effect. Since after that, certain researches were carried out and by product were introduced as eyelashes thickener.

How to use the eyelash thickener?

Before considering the reviews of the product let us understand how it is applied and what the positive results are. The product is applied on eyelids in a thin layer via sterile applicator. It is being applied on upper lid, right at the edge from where eyelashes begin o grow in a thin layer. You need not to apply it on the lower lash as it spreads automatically while you blink. It is needed to be applied daily at night for about 2 months. It is recommended by the manufacture that before applying the gel your face should be making up free and your eyes should be contact lenses free. Also, each time you apply the gel, it should be applied with sterile applicator because using the previously used applicator could lead to serious problem like infection. The hygiene factor should be considered every time.

After the daily application of gel for 2 months, you will begin to see the results. The eyelashes have been increased by 25 percent. They are much thick, dark and strong. According to the lattice reviews, women are happier than ever before because without many side effects they are having natural and bigger eyelashes which are considered to a sign of femininity and beauty. There is another product in the market to increase the growth of eyelashes, known as rapidlash eyelash renewal serum. This product is known to have ingredients that are safe for human eyes. The eyelashes thickener products are very much useful for all women to enhance their beauty.

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