Hatsume Miku - What makes her famous

By: Jenifer bella

In the Japanese showbiz world, Hatsune Miku is the name which makes every J-pop singers jealous. She is a image of new generational siner with no scandals. She always smiles and on time. Her activities are supported by the large number of fans, even games relating to her. Especially, kids and teenagers love playing dress up games, in which she is the main character.
Hatsune Miku appears on billboards, in TV commercials and gives sold-out concerts to legions of fans the world over. However, what makes her unique is the rather large obstacle she had to overcome in her path to fame is that she is not a real person, she is a product of information technology. She’s the character designed as the face of Fujita Saki’s recorded and digitalized voice for a music production software developed by Sega and Yamaha.
Miku is not real but that has not stopped her from conquering the music world by singing thousands of songs and has a lot of live concerts. She also has millions of hits on Youtube. What makes her famous and familiar to everyone is that she is a virtual music synthesizer program which uses technology called Vocaloid to allow PC users to create their own music. The software gives you “a singer in a box”, enabling users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and a melody. Users can add effects and change the voice tone and pronunciations. Users can make their own music through Miku and lend her voice to show the songs. So she become to be familiar to everyone and become more popularity.
She rose to popularity via the website Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese equivalent of Youtube. One of the reason what make her success is perhaps bringing her from online program to the stage for her first live show in 2009 to be treat as a legitimate pop star. She is showed as a 3D hologram technology to the audience in order to make her like the real one. She sings and dances while a music band plays next to her and in front of crowds of adoring fans. Her voice sounds like Morph shouting through a megaphone but it’s strangely addictive. Like many celebrities, DVDs of her live shows are released worldwide and she is invited to become a corporate spokesperson to sell cars in TV commercials. Besides, she even has a video game, girls makeover, cooking games, makeover games that attracting a lot of fans.
Hatsune Miku has become famous in over the world since beginning as a piece of composing software. Right time of her ‘birth’, even producers could not know how successful she is like today, and the reasons make her success are still confused. Maybe a mixture of luck, fan creativity, and corporate support have turned her into the world’s most popular virtual idol. The story of her success is still an interesting one. Many people confused that whether she is one of the success stories or she will open the new page for a music industry full of virtual idols. Maybe time will answer that.

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