Hard Disk failure due to Ticking Sounds

By: Rohit Kumar khurana

Hard drive is the primary storage unit of the computer, where the operating system, applications and system files are stored. It is a unit that stores and provides access to data on electromagnetically charged surfaces. But no matter how reliable the hard drive could be, it is bound to fail someday. Hard disk failure can occur when there is a breakdown of the hard drive due to which you hear some strange ticking sounds from the hard drive. This results in inaccessibility of hard drive data. To overcome such situations, a valid and recent data backup may prove handy in restoring the data. However, if the backup is absent or corrupt, or incomplete, there it is recommended to use professional Hard Drive Recovery Services.

For instance – Sometimes, when you try to boot your system, you observe some strange behavior of your system, due to which you fail to access the data stored on the hard drive.


When you start your system, the hard drive may not be recognized by the system and you hear some strange sounds from the hard drive.

Generally, you may also receive some error messages, similar to the following:

“No system disk present”
“Hard disk not found”
“Disk boot failure”

Your hard drive data becomes inaccessible after the occurrence of the above error messages.


The main causes for the above situations are:

Hard drive malfunctioning.
Failure of internal components, - such as disk assembly, read/ write head, platters, etc.

However, the ticking sound of the hard drive indicates head crash that occurs when head touches the disk platters.


To get your data back from physically damaged hard drive, you will need to consult a reputed Data Recovery company. These companies employ the experience of highly qualified and knowledgeable technicians to provide specialized Hard Drive Recovery Services. The Data Recovery technicians repair and replace the damaged components of the hard drive to the point where all your data can be retrieved. To ensure safe recovery of your data, these experts work through the sterilized environment of Clean Rooms.

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