Handy Tips to Send Text Messages From Your PC With Your Android Phone

By: Brooke M. Perry

Since technology is evolving at a rapid rate, many things have now become possible, which was considered unrealistic or impossible a few years earlier. Managing TV’s volume, gate security panel, or even sound system’s track list from your phone is possible, which is no less than any wonder. Since, you are entering into an era where a single device will perform multiple functions, it’s really important to learn how to enhance the usability of your device.

Suppose you’re sitting at your PC and you receive a text message on your Android phone, you unlock it, read the message, and type the reply back using the touchscreen keyboard. Why not use your PC instead of replying to the user directly from a bigger screen?

Android phones have been paired up with some utilities that allow you to take advantage of your computer’s keyboard to send and receive text messages.

Here’s the list of some of those utilities:

1. Google Voice (US Only)

Google Voice is specially offered for users located in the USA, and the subscribers will be presented with a free Google Voice number, which can be used on any phone or even landline phones. Google Voice allows a user to forward incoming calls and texts to other numbers on phone’s handsets, while it can also send and receive text messages via the Google Voice website. All you need to do is to install the Google Voice into Chrome extension and start enjoying sending and receiving text messages from your browser’s toolbar.

Google Voice is entirely free to register and you can easily send/ receive text messages with Google Voice for free. It is an excellent alternate to your Android devices as you may be charged by your telecom carrier to send text messages. Google Voice can be used by anyone, even people who don’t even own a cell phone.
2. MightyText

MightyText requires you to create an active link between the app and your phone’s Google account. After doing the same, you can log into MightyText from any browser and you can use the same Google account details to sign-up for the service. Additionally, you can also install a Chrome extension to get instant alerts whenever a new text message comes in.

The platform also uses a website-based platform to allow you to send and receive text messages via your browser, sending text messages via MightyText to the MightyText app on your phone. For meeting the requirements of an Android-powered phone, the text messages are sent out of the network as standard text messages. The app can also capture incoming text messages and then forward them to the MightyText web app.
3. AirDroid

AirDroid functions as a local web server, when installed on your Android device and then a user can easily access AirDroid in a browser, using the local network. AirDroid handles a bunch of tasks including managing your installed apps, downloading and uploading files from your browser, and sending/ receiving text messages.

If you really want to enjoy the service, install the app on your phone, and launch it once the device has finished the setup screen. Now, you’ll be required to type your phone’s address in your browser, accept the available connection, and click on the ‘Messages’ icon on the AirDroid page. As soon as, you’ll click on the ‘Messages’ icon, you’ll be able to view and send text messages via your browser.

Since, all three of them come with some advantages and disadvantages of their own, you can also try some of the other prominent options. It is recommended to try using a messaging service that replaces text messages, allowing you to send messages for free. BrowserTexting, MySMS, DeskSMS, PDANet, EasySMS, Texter, MyphoneExplorer, and GTalkSMS are some of the applications that can help you while sending/receiving text messages from your PC with Your Android phone.

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