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In the world of big business and multi national companies, many will not realize that there are men and women at the top of their professions who still love to receive a gift or show of appreciation for what they are doing on a daily basis. Many companies, recognizing this, will have corporate gift program to ensure that those in executive positions receive some form or appreciation from them.

This doesn’t mean that the gift has to be exceptionally expensive, nor does it have to be some mundane piece that will end up being pushed to the back of a desk drawer somewhere. Indeed, if the gift is too expensive, this could have a detrimental effect since the executive may not like the feeling of being ‘bought’.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of choices available, especially on the internet. But some thought and consideration should go into working out what individual executives would like. Of course, one or two choices of gift would fit ninety five per cent of all executives, but a clever company would try to tailor-make the gift choice for individual executives. This could pay dividends in the end because executives will remember that special gift and would be more likely to use that particular company again in future.

A little research – perhaps information gleaned from the executive’s personal assistant for non personal information – should be enough to help the company give a near perfect gift. Questions like; what sport is she/he avid about? Which team do they support? Do they like to play tennis? What pursuits do they have outside of the office? Etc. These questions are not intrusive and will give some insight as to what would be suitable as a gift.

For the more difficult executives – that is if the gift choice is too difficult – perhaps the perfect answer is the gift certificate. These can be purchased well in advance and presented in a pre printed gift card or box. The executive can then choose exactly what they want, within reason, or add to the amount and get their own perfect gift. Some executives would prefer to donate the gift certificates to a favored charity which again would prove to be a very useful gift indeed.

For the holiday season, food is normally a good choice. Executives are more likely to be throwing corporate or private dinner parties or luncheons. A gift of a perfect, honey glazed ham with a chopping board complete with the executive’s name or company logo, is a great choice. Perhaps if a ham is not acceptable because of religious faith, try giving smoked turkeys which are also welcome gifts especially around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Even smoked Alaskan salmon comes in the same kind of format with a beautifully crafted chopping board and could be enjoyed over any holiday.

To add to the festivities a set of wine bottle stoppers, in their own stand, makes a beautiful additional gift and will be useful for many years to come. If both gifts are given together it means that the recipient will have something to enjoy now plus something that will be enjoyed for the future. A great way to give gifts indeed.

If the executive is a golf fanatic, there are many gifts which will be made into paraphernalia connected to the sport. A beautifully crafted golf cart with clock embedded makes a highly unusual desk ornament. Or a pen set where both pens are in the shape of a golf club or golf tee and ball. Both of these gifts can be engraved with the recipient’s initials or company name and look superb in any office.

In fact, silver office accessories seem to be supremely popular these days and there are many variations of gift to choose from. The silver note holder is a firm favorite and looks very modern with clean straight lines. For the ‘thinker’ there is an hour glass timer for the office desk which will allow the user to set aside time for some contemplation.

Crystal ware is also another firm favorite for executive and corporate gifts. There is just something about pure, clean, sparkling glass that lends itself to any décor either at home or the office. A strikingly beautiful desk paper weight made into the shape of an apple is a perfect gift especially for anyone connected to the medical or teaching field (an apple a day…./take an apple for the teacher). But this is surely not restricted to these professions. One such perfectly crafted piece comes in the form of a bound book. What a lovely way to commemorate someone in the literary field. This would also be suitable for authors or teachers alike. The front is just crying out to be engraved with a special message or the name of the recipient!

Staying in the office, many up and coming execs would love to have their own personal file case which keeps all personal documents stylishly safe. Each one comes with a brass plate for the initials of the executive and is both lockable and portable because there is a leather bound handle embedded into the top. This is also great for the director or manager who is ever on the move and needs to take documents with him/her in a very neat, organized and trendy way.

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Whenever corporate gift giving time comes around, many companies start to panic and will buy just about anything on offer whether it is suitable or not. This really has to be an organized and well thought out project. Several companies will give the project over to the human resources department or even to the personal assistant to the managing director. Both can be correct, of course, but if that person is just too busy to think about the gifts then chaos is what ensues. It is much better to fi

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