Hair Transplant Methods

By: Marty Copeland

With baldness affecting around two thirds of men before they turn 40, there's no doubt that a hair transplant, done right, can be a life changing experience. Over the past few years, the hair transplant industry has exploded, with many men opting for surgery, made more famous still by countless celebrities who've chosen the treatment with the likes of James Nesbitt, Wayne Rooney, etc. Here are some facts about Hair Loss:

• Balding men look 5-7 years older
• Baldness affects 25% of men in their 20s and 60% before their 40s
• Men in their mid-20s, cam lose almost 50% of their hair density
• No medicine, lotion, shampoo, scalp massage, etc will ever bring back your lost hair

When the medical solutions cannot help anymore, the only option left is to have a Hair Transplant. The number of men seeking treatment for hair loss in the UK has recently tripled.

There are 2 hair transplant methods available in the market today:

(1) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which is also known as Strip surgery, because a long strip (20-25 cm in length and 1cm to 2.5cm in width) of hair bearing skin is removed using a scalpel from the back of the head. The area is then stitched up and a period of 30 days is required for full healing. Although this method leaves a big long scar and it is considered to be a major surgery, it is still somehow popular because it is less time and labour intensive.

(2) Forget the results that you have seen with the strip (FUT) method. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest least painful and least invasive method in the market today. It was the transplant of choice for actor James Nesbitt and footballer Wayne Rooney. FUE is more delicate — artistic, if you will, since individual hair follicles are extracted one by one then inserted (again one by one) in the needed area by making a tiny incision. The method guarantees no scars or stitches, which is very important if you want to have a short haircut.

With this approach you are left with several non-visible minuscule holes, rather than the one big scar as with the strip method. Each hair is implanted at an angle to mimic that of the original hair. It takes hours, and depending on the case of baldness, it can last 2 whole days. FUE Hair Clinics© have advanced the method and we can extract more follicles more quickly than normal.

The reason of the absence of scars and stiches is that we are extracting individual follicular units (also known as grafts) from the back or the side of the head one by one, using a specialised punch with less than 1mm diameter.

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If you need more information on hair loss and hair transplant , your FUE Hair Clinics© consultant will advise for the right solution and next steps. FUE Hair Clinics© is a hair loss site you can rely on!

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