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Healthy hairs are the most important and prominent asset of any personality. Losing hair is a major problem and can put in mental and social conflict in people of all ages men and women. People want to avoid of hair loss or thinning of hair at any cost. Medical field has gone so far in finding the best solutions to avoid and treat hair loss. There are number of options you can select from and get your hair back. These options are non surgical and surgical as well. It depends on the baldness and the nature of hair loss that what is the reasonable solution. According to people and the scientific research the best and permanent solution of regaining your crowning glory is the hair transplant surgery. It is not a difficult decision to make if you are educated enough on the subject. Hair transplant surgery is a procedure of transplanting hair follicles after removing them from the donor area. It is very important to follow the guidelines advised by your doctor before going for the surgery. If you do not follow the guidelines properly there are chances of not getting positive and desired results.
The foremost and most important thing is the selection of the surgeon. The surgeon must have a good name in the field of hair transplantation. The surgeon has to be highly qualified and trained. You must ask your doctor to show you the results of his surgeries he has performed and allows you to talk to the former clients who have undergone hair transplant by him. Now you can have the satisfaction and it will be easier for you to decide. Next comes the procedure, you should know how the procedure is carried out and what is technique of hair transplant is being implied on you. There are two techniques used for the procedure. One is follicular unit transplant and the other is follicular unit extraction. You should talk to your doctor about that in detail. It is important to discuss all the questions you have in your mind regarding the surgery. You also need to discuss if you have any other medical history or disease and the medication you are taking for the safe hair transplant procedure. For example if you have a diabetes or any other cardiovascular problem the doctor can also take cautionary measures and set your insulin for that matter on the day of surgery.
After that it is important to know the preparative measures for the surgery. You should not go for the cutting of your hair, so that it would be easy for the doctor to take follicles from the sides or the back of the head. You should shampoo your hair thoroughly to clear out any oil and dirt from the surface as it would minimize the chances of any infection. It is very important not to take any anti-inflammatory or aspirin a week prior to the surgery as it thins the blood which may cause more bleeding during the surgery and can be responsible for any complication. Any kind of multi-vitamins or any alcoholic drinks are also to be stopped before 7 days of the surgery. Smoking should also be avoided at least 3 to 4 days before the surgery. These are the basic guidelines for preparing yourself for a life changing experience. Have a wonderful hair transplant!

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Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is an Associate Professor and a specialist of hair loss treatments and performing Hair Transplant in Pakistan and Hair Transplant cost in Pakistan is affordable and cheaper.

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