Hair Transplant & Myths associated with this

By: Rohit Garg

Several technologies are involved in the process of hair transplantation and each one of the process is specialized enough to suit the requirements of the patient. The service has become extremely popular across India, with rising demand from the adult Indian population. Thus, hair transplantation clinics have become widely available, especially in major metros and urban hubs. In spite of the wide availability of such clinics, medical experts suggest that you do a careful research in order to know more on the process. Collecting and analyzing information on hair transplant in Pune will help you in making an apt decision based on the several advantages that the process offers.

Myths associated with the process of hair transplantation:

There are several myths associated with the process of hair transplantation. Since the process happens to be surgical it is often very difficult to convince patients about the innumerable advantages that the process offer. Myths associated with hair transplantation are mostly funny but people are still skeptical about the process of hair transplantation. In this blog, we specifically discuss the following myths in order to provide useful information to patients interested to undergo the process.

Myth 1: It is Painful
Medical experts believe that this is absolutely a myth. This is because increasing technological intervention has simplified the process. Moreover, with the advent of surgical technology, it has become a pain-free process. Above all, doctors re assure that the entire process happens under a thorough medical supervision. As a result, anesthesia is applied for patients, who might feel slightest of the pain.

Myth 2: Hair Transplantation is For Everyone:

Although hair transplantation is one of the most suitable options for people losing their hair on a continuous basis, the process comes with many clauses. In order to undergo a hair transplantation process, you need to satisfy a few health conditions in priority. Doctors usually ensure that the patient undergoes several medical tests before the process of hair transplantation is actually implemented. At the same time, hair care experts suggest that, you should have the right kind of volume in terms of hair growth, so that the process can be implemented successfully.

Myth 3: Itís not a Permanent Solution:

This is a common belief for most of the patients. Very often, after knowing the details, patients tend to feel that hair transplantation could not be a permanent solution. However, as per medically accepted facts, hair transplantation encourages a natural hair growth and is a permanent process.

Myth 4: Someone Elseís Hair can be used in This Process:

This is sometimes a total blind belief amongst patients. But, please remain assured that, hair transplantation is merely a process of transplanting your hair from one portion of the scalp to another. Therefore the process is totally safe and risk free as it uses your own resources.

Myth 5: High Maintenance Required:

Since the hair transplantation process remains to be a little expensive, people have a feeling that maintenance is a little too high! However, it is absolutely unjustifiable to think like that. This is because the process is self-sufficient and once it is implemented you are blessed with a natural hair growth. Therefore, the principles of natural hair care apply which includes regular oiling, shampooing, and conditioning.

Myth 6: Itís an Expensive Luxury:

Some people think that hair transplantation is a naturally expensive procedure which might fail to create a significant impact. However, this is absolutely false, as the process is very often worth it! Just that, you need to carefully choose a proper hair transplantation clinic which is of utmost importance. Getting hold of a good trichologist is extremely important, simultaneously. Therefore, it is a mandate that you do extensive research in case you are planning to go for the surgical process.


Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive process which can augment natural hair growth. Since the process remains to be surgical there are several myths and beliefs which might influence the patients. Experts suggest that, you go for a thorough research in case you are planning to go for a hair transplantation process. Consultation with an n experienced medical expert can guide you towards a successful outcome.

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