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By: Abram Wilson

It is normal to shed up to 100 hairs in a day from about 100,000 hairs that can be found on the scalp. A recurrent hair loss of more than 100 hairs can cause thinning of the scalp. People tend to get hair thinning due to endocrine disorders, medications or due to inner medical problems. The male patterns of baldness or the female patterns of baldness are conditions which are caused by hereditary factors. The endocrine imbalance is the condition which can cause temporary loss of hair and this can also happen due to intake of birth control pills, menopause and pregnancy. People who suffer from thyroid problem, Alopecia areata, scalp infections or skin disorders suffer from hair fall. There are many chemical based shampoos and hair treatments available but now more and more are opting for hair fall natural treatment.

People are getting aware that these chemical based laboratory preparations do not provide the desired effect of prevention of hair loss. Rather, sometimes, very expensive hair fall treatment works in reverse manner and damages the hairs more. The attractive advertisements and expensive model endorsements make the product popular but it may not provide the desired protection from hair fall. Hair fall natural treatment is a better option because natural products do not cause any harm to the normal constitution of hair. The normal pattern of hair growth is not damaged on taking hair fall natural treatment. One of the most popular, worldwide the best hair fall natural treatment is provided by Hylix Lotion that is made up of powerful herbs which are widely used for hair growth and prevention of hair fall. The properties of some of the ingredients which are found in the herbal product are mentioned below.

Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) - This is a popular rejuvenator which can balance sweet, pungent and bitter tastes. It is a very rich source of vitamin C which was tested in laboratory and it showed that the berry juice was able to provide the body with 2428 to 3470 mg of vitamin C in every 100 gram of the fruit berries collected from the tree. Some of the forms of vitamins and minerals found in the berries are iron, calcium, phosphorous, thiamine, carotene, niacin and riboflavin. It is rich in tannins and its seeds contain phosphatides and certain essential oils. The oil found in the berries of the herbal plant can be taken for strengthening and improving hair growth. The dried fruits found on the herbal plant have a good impact on the hair hygiene and it is one of the main ingredients of many herbal shampoos.

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna) - The herb helps in cleansing the scalp, softening hair and promoting hair growth. It increases hair growth and gets rid of dandruff from hair.

There are many other herbs and extracts from natural sources which are used in the preparation of the hair fall natural treatment and together these extracts have amazing impact on hair growth and prevention of hair loss. It not only increases the volume but gets rid of infections and dryness of hair in a harmless manner.

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