Hair Fall Causes And Home Based Prevention And Cure

By: Alton Patrick

Hair fall causes: The main cause of hair fall is daily stress and anxiety. Depression also plays a major role in giving the serious issues of much of the hair fall. Certain medications that can cause hair fall as a side effect. Other factors are hormonal imbalance and improper lifestyle such as eating habits, lack of exercising etc.

The following home based methods are for hair fall prevention and cure.

1. Dietary habits: Protein is the main source for the growth of anything in the body. That's why they are known as the building blocks of the tissues in body. So, whether it's related to growth of muscles or hair, protein is certainly needed. Sources of protein are egg whites, milk and fish. Other foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (ground flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and avocado); vitamins (citrus fruits) and minerals (milk, spinach, and beetroot) are also recommended.

2. Hormones: Many people suffer from hormonal imbalance that causes hair fall and gives no apparent symptom of its existence. So, foods that improve healthy hormones must be included.

3. Drink enough Water: Staying well hydrated promotes the metabolism of body and hence crucial for the growth and health of tissue. There is no doubt it helps in hair growth.

4. Avoid smoking, drinking and any caffeinated substitutes: These things reduce proper blood circulation to the scalp. It also slows down the body's immune system.

5. Relax: Anxiety, stress and depression is nowadays the major factor that cause hair fall. So, it is better to keep work related stress at bay while at home. Yoga and meditation are the methods that help in relieving out the burdens of mind.

6. Exercise: Regular physical activity unclog the hair pores, hence, play important role for good hair growth.

7. Antioxidants: Green tea consists of antioxidants that prevents hair fall. Apply 2 warm moist green tea bags on your scalp and leave this for an hour. Rinse it thoroughly.

8. Juices: Rub your scalp with any one of the mentioned juices: garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it for overnight and wash it thoroughly in the next morning.

9. Oil massage: they are great for the scalp. Use of oils olive, coconut, or almond along with the added drops of lavender or rosemary oil in it makes thicker and stronger hair than before.

Hylix oil has the property to contradict the adverse effects caused by chemical substances present in our shampoos or conditioners. The herbs that are present in the Hylix have the tendency to improve blood circulation. It nourishes the cells and repairs the damaged hair, hence, helps in strengthening of hair.

Hylix also provides very efficient dandruff control treatment. Dandruff is due to so many reasons like poor scalp's health, lack of proper nourishment, poor blood circulation, infections and dryness. Hylix oil improves the blood circulation that brings proper nourishment to hair so that prevention of the dandruff is maintained by keeping it in a moisturized manner.

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