Habits of Success: Imagination Association and Emotion

By: Dave Schlueter

Though I have covered the success tool of imagination in previous articles I am going to uncover new aspects of imagination today previously unexplored. I'm going to reveal more "Success Equation" secrets about association and emotion, and how how they act in unity with imagination to pilot your destiny and the results you receive in life. Association is involved in the whole process also and is thrown in as an indispensable bonus to top it off.

Associations are very much like the instructions tied to the shortcut icons on your desktop. Symbols are the icons on your desktop. It sits and it waits but when you focus on it and click that icon then there is an action involved - association takes you to specific directions about what to think, feel, and what the meanings are. Basically it takes you to the linked mental files it's programmed to run.

Emotions, symbols, icons, associative instructions all get installed on the desktops of our lives many times without competent supervision or even consent. It's just something that happens as we develop and progress through life. They may be programmed for your success or for less than abundant returns. A brief examination of imagination, association, and emotion as they work together for success or for detriment is the foundation of this article.

The powers of imagination when mixed with emotion have far reaching effects. They impact your life, health, success, physiology, and the environment around you. Good, bad, or otherwise, these images and feelings communicate to your sub-conscious mind with a clear direct language made up of symbols, meanings, and emotions. The symbols and association are represented by how you use imagination to generate feelings or emotions about the images you are holding in your mind. Repeated patterns develop an association, a bridge or trigger to the emotion and thoughts (mental files.) I know it seems a little complicated when you first try to understand it but just bear with me for a minute.

Imagination is intimately involved in creating your feelings and associations about things. Things are represented by symbols in our minds. Money for instance may be one of those symbols and yet it may represent far more to us in our mind than what meets the eye. Money may be associated with joy, pleasure and abundance,for others sadness, fear and struggle. It really depends on the person and on the association. When you click that image on the mental desktop association takes you to the information you have stored and associated with it.

When you imagine yourself in possession of wealth and success, or any of your worthy dreams and goals, how do you feel inside, picture it, think about it, etc.? The feelings (emotions) you have associated (linked) to what you imagine are extremely powerful tools of communication. This communication impacts the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and impacts the very fabric of creation. For example if i continually maintain an image of money or rich people in my mind while simultaneously engaging in feelings of mistrust, anger, and betrayal, I will program my nervous system to create a link or association. I will literally associate (link) this file to the icon or symbol of money/rich people. No matter what the character of money or rich people may actually be, the reaction I generate will be consistent with the conditioning and beliefs I have programmed into my nervous system (whatever is linked.) This produces a dramatic result and it is highly effective. It's the way we build links (get programmed) it's also the way we reprogram associations (create new links). It is a very simple, powerful and direct path of communicating

The point to keep in mind is that this kind of mental conditioning works really, really well. Learn to master it for your benefit and abundant success.

Discover the links (associations) you already have, decide whether or not they benefit you or not, and re-program yourself if necessary. Then strengthen (condition) the new link until the programming becomes automatic and sticks.

When you point this powerful conditioning process toward a worthy objective the results are dramatic improvement. If you are thinking of and imagining wealth and success, while picturing a symbolic representation of wealth and success, or listening to an expression of wealth and success, and your strong association or feeling is of pure joy, excitement, passion, fulfillment, happiness, hope, what is the clear message to your subconscious self? The message is...go get this! This is what I want! Set course and full speed ahead for the designated destination! This kind of empowered communication will engage conscious and subconscious resources for your benefit.

Consequently if you are entertaining apprehensive, doubtful, angry or fearful, feelings the communication you send will put you in the opposite direction. You are communicating danger signals to consious and sub-conscious resources as you start moving toward riches and success. Your nervous systems primary job is to protect you and it will not fail to carry out the objective. It's as if you clicked the money icon on the desktop but it wasn't a good link. It's not a link that's ever going to take you to money or riches. If you desire money and riches you need to reprogram the links.

If you want to go to the top in your MLM business or your life you'd be wise to employ imagination to serve you in the greatest capacity possible. Set your mind and vision to work accomplishing this. What kind of imagination habits will be necessary to really fire you into positive action, motivation, passion, and belief? What kind of belief and associations are going to take you the furthest the fastest and with the least amount of resistance possible.

You should become clear and congruent in self and set yourself clearly defined goals to aim for. Are you willing to put forth the effort and practice necessary to strengthen and harness the power of this incredible asset? Can you associate joy and good feelings with this icon? Will you regularly employ imagination to expect and manifest success? This technique and others applied properly through the "Success Equation" produce incredible results.

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