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Hiring a virtual assistant for the first time is a challenge for most business owners, most especially if most of the staff are on-site. These two kinds of staff ought to be treated differently. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs who hire Virtual assistant in the Philippines on a daily basis. Take a look at the amount of jobs posted on many online sites for outsourcing services in the Philippines, you for sure find an individual or a group Vas that offer reliable virtual assistant services. Business is really lucrative for these websites and thinking they would find the assistance they need.
But there is a dearth of information on how to relate with your virtual assistants. They may reside anywhere across the world where there are available virtual assistants. You can screen them until you find suitable ones for your organisation; virtual assistants that will enable you make out more time for yourself, make more profit and always be available when there are most needed.
What is the right way to treat your virtual assistant?
You would normally hire a virtual assistant on an hourly basis. It may be a few hours a day or half a day or even on the basis of each project. You should also know the limits; you will have to communicate with them within these hours only. Your virtual assistant also has other clients who also have their own schedules. Take for instance, you have a staff at the office that provides insurance services on the side, there is a possibility for an insurance boss to visit your office and hire your staff for a few minutes. Now you see how it works.
Another point worth noting is that virtual assistants are human beings who have feelings. It is permissible for you to get close to them, to speak with them on issues outside of their job. It is allowed for you to personally know them better. This may be even be helpful to you. Remember that individuals who love what they do for a living and also know who they are working for, tend to be more productive.
Granted that trust should be earned, but you should be able to have trust in your virtual assistant. If this is not possible, then this would mean that you do not have the right virtual assistant for you.
Finally, you should be able to give feedbacks. Put your virtual assistant on the right track if he or she has done something wrong. Let them know, so that they would know what to do next time. Do not be hesitant or shy to do that, because it would be good for both you and your virtual assistant. Do not forget to acknowledge or praise whatever effort that has been put in by your virtual assistant. A simple acknowledgment would go a long way in establishing a more cordial working relationship.
In a nut shell, treat your virtual assistant like a real staff when you hire. Do not consider them as lower rated staff and you will definitely reap the rewards in terms of support, dedication, loyalty and also friendship.

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