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By: Ashwin

Thousands of people are looking for ways to improve gas mileage in their vehicles. It is not as difficult or as expensive as people think with the HHO gas generator kits.
So what is the HHO gas generator kit?
The HHO gas generator kits are able to convert an ordinary engine to run using water as a supplement to gasoline on hydrogen gas. The kits are small enough to fit under the hood of any car.
How do the HHO gas generator kits work?
The hydrogen kits are small reservoirs which contain regular water from your tap, and the electricity which is produced from the cars battery, is what generates the hydrogen This is then fed in to the manifold of the cars engine and mixes with the gasoline, resulting in a cleaner burning, more efficient running engine.
This means that less fuel is being used and you get improved gas mileage. With less harmful exhaust emissions being produced, it makes for a cleaner environment. With the ever increasing vehicles on the roads, and the price of a gallon of fuel at the pumps always going up and up, it makes sense to install one of the HHO gas generator kits and start reaping the benefits.
Where can I go to find out more about the HHO gas generator kits?
The internet is the best place to find out any information that is needed. There are hundreds of different sites accessible and have a directory of places that stock the complete HHO gas generator kits. If you have knowledge of the workings of a cars engine, there are hardware stores all around the country that stock all the parts needed to build your own.
Does it only work on cars that run on gasoline?
The HHO gas hydrogen kits work on most makes and models of vehicles that run on either gasoline or diesel. The kits would be basically the same for both types of fuel and are totally reversible. If once fitted a change of car is required, the HHO gas kits can easily be removed and installed in to the new vehicle.
How much improved gas mileage will the car get?
The improved gas mileage will depend greatly on the type of driving done, and also the model and engine size of the vehicle. There would be a more significant saving of fuel used on a long journey as opposed to short trips around the city. Never the less, there will be savings and will absolutely get more MPG.
Once the engine starts the electronic device start drawing regulated current from the battery and supplies to the electrolysis tank. As the current is passed through the electrolyte within the tank, it separates the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. The electrolyte is a unique formula developed by us to generate adequate amount of hydrogen for a long time without it being diluted at a short period. As the Hydrogen reaches to the air intake system, it enters the combustion chamber along with the air inhaled by the engine. The presence of hydrogen results in increase of flame speed during the power stroke and results in optimum burning of fuel injected in the engine. The enhanced burning of the fuel produces more power during the stroke and the ECM automatically starts to control the fuel as the power is increased.
If you are one of the thousands of people who are looking for easy ways to save money on the cost of running a car, and getting improved gas mileage, then take a look at what is on offer on the sites that are available on the internet.
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