HDTV Televisions: What You Need To Know Before Buying

By: Alex Bradbury

Do you know what an HDTV is? If you donít, it stands for high definition television. In fact it will be quite some time before this technology is outdated.

In general, HDTV televisions come in different types and sizes. There 3 different types of HDTVís are (CRT)direct view TVís, Flat Panel Plasma or LCDís, rear projection TVís and home theater projectors.

The first one is something that is being phased out because it is too bulky and is rarely PC compatible. Since it is going away, there is no point in talking about it any longer so we move on to the next one which is which is the plasma and the LCD television.

Both of these are selling fairly well in the market despite its expensive price tag. To give you an idea, you could be paying something from £150 to almost £3000 to have one of these inside your home.

But why is it so expensive? Because of the technology used which makes these units sleek and flat. It also promises to give you crystal clear pictures and audio which makes you feel like you are watching a movie as though you are inside a theatre.

Then you have the rear projection televisions which are getting rarer. You can find a screen between 50 to 73 inches in the market with a price range from £1000 to £3000. But why go for that when companies are now working on bigger screens for the plasma and LCD which are much better to own?

The home theatre projections are also a thing of the past thanks to the plasma and LCD televisions. This is why just like direct view televisions, it is not worth talking about anymore especially when there is no longer a demand.

This bring us now to the question, can we just bring the HDTV home, plug it in and then start watching anything on it? The answer is no because you need to get a television signal in order for pictures to appear on the screen. For that, you will need an HDTV source, an HDTV channel, and the HDTV show itself.

The HDTV source comes from your cable or satellite provider. Once you sign up, you will get a cable or a box which is connected to your television. Of the two, the satellite is more expensive because apart from the box, you need to put a satellite dish outside your house.

Some shows on television now broadcast on high definition so you need to flip to that channel to watch on that format. Is it different from watching without high definition? Not really but it wonít be long that other networks follow suit so you should already be ready for it.

High definition is truly changing the way we watch whatever comes out of the tube. Aside from television shows, you will notice that this is also happening to the DVDís that you purchase.

So if we want to keep up with the times, we have to stay updated with whatever technology there is available. You are not doing this to be cool but to simply have the best that life has to offer as you are sitting comfortably on our favorite chair.

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