HD Ready TV Or Full HDTV: Which Should I Purchase?

By: Alex Bradbury

HD Ready TVs enable you to receive images in high television. In fact, it is reported that there are over 33 million American households that already have an HDTV.

But it is really worth buying an HD Ready TV? The answer is yes. This is not because a lot of people are buying it but because most television shows and movies being made are produced in this format.

In order for you to make the most out of your HD Ready TV, you will need to do a few things. You have to connect the components together, make some adjustments in the setting panel and then get a high definition signal.

If you are having some difficulty, read the manual because this is what it is there for. It may not provide you all the answers but by trying a few things on your own and maybe doing some research on the web, you will get the hang of it.

For those who are not too confident about setting up the HD Ready TV, you can always ask the help of a professional to do the job for you.

There are three ways to get a signal for your HD Ready TV namely using an antenna, through cable or satellite. How you want to get a signal is up to you but for your reference, read on to see how to work using the various methods.

If you are getting a signal through an antenna, you will need to buy an external free standing HDTV tuner also known as an ATSC receiver or ATSC tuner and an HDTV antenna. If this is done through cable, you will need an HD cable set top-box that can be rented or purchased from your cable company.

Should the signal come from a satellite, you will need to buy a HDTV decoder also known as an IRD or Integrated Receiver/Decoder as well as a satellite dish. All this can be avoided of course if you buy an HDTV instead of an HDTV set.

But what is the difference between an HDTV and a HD Ready TV? Well for starters, you don’t have to buy a tuner because this is already built into the unit. You just need to get an antenna and then connect this to the HDTV’s F connector.

If signal is coming through cable, you still need to get the set up box. If you happen to have a CableCARD, you don’t need to buy or borrow the set-top box. To use this, your unit must have a CableCARD slot and of course the card.

Newer models of HDTV’s have built-in slots where you can just insert the CableCARD, which are as big as your credit card.

When you connect the box to the TV, make sure you know which format is being used. There are two types namely 720p and 1080i and knowing what you have will make it easier to match the HDTV’s output.

Through satellite, you will need a HDTV decoder or IRD, as well as a satellite dish.

So is it worth buying an HD Ready TV? The answer is no after comparing the HD Ready TV and the HDTV. The HDTV is easier to work with compared to the first one so think twice before you decide to buy a new television.

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