HCG Diet Review

By: Orlando Aguilar

HCG Diet How Does it Work?

The world is filled with fad diets, one of the most popular fads now is the HCG diet. Here I will give you my honest HCG Diet Review. Although not everyone has heard about this particular weight loss method, those who have tried it claim to be very happy and satisfied with the results they got. In fact, it has been said that you could lose a pound per day with the hcg diet.

If you want to know the truth about the HCG diet, you can scour the Web for HCG Diet review or you can read this review to give you all the information you need so that you can find out for yourself if this method really works.
HCG DietIn order to understand how the HCG diet works, here is a brief overview. The HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin is an indicator of that a woman is pregnant. But aside from this, HCG is also administered to boys who lag in their genital development.

During the 1950’s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons observed that boys who were given HCG to enhance puberty developments were able to lose weight. This was attributed mostly to the boys’ tendency to eat less because they didn’t feel hungry at all.

Today, this concept has been used to help men and women who need to lose weight by administering HCG Diet injections. See the end of this review as there are HCG Diet drops on the market as well. The current requirement is to undergo a month-long program, which will need 23 to 40 injections. As a rule of thumb, treatment should never be more than 40 injections at a time otherwise the body will develop immunity towards the HCG.Most programs have you take a low calorie (500-800)hcg diet with HCG suppressing hunger. We highly recommend you discuss this with your doctor as it is a very low calorie intake.

HCG Diet Dangers.

Naturally, many people would become quite cynical about this breakthrough diet method. The one thing you need to know is that HCG Diet has been approved by the FDA only as a fertility treatment, but not as a weight loss treatment. But in spite of this, there is no evidence we could find in our research that HCG Diet itself poses any problem to individuals so as long as you take amounts recommended to you by your doctor. We recommend you discuss the use of this product with your doctor but you can buy HCG Diet online here if you want. The big problem with HCG diet has been people are often put on to low a calorie diet which is an issue for some people.

HCG Diet Side Effects

Worried about HCG side effects? You would be happy to know that users have not really experienced problems with HCG. However, there have been reports that some of them experienced headaches, acne breakouts, and a few had also reportedly suffered from loss of sex drive. Other than that, there have been no major issues with the HCG diet as long as you follow a doctor’s advice on your nutrition plan along with your diet. We recommend you discuss this with your doctor prior to using any supplement.

HCG Drops

The HCG diet is not just limited to injections. There are also HCG drops such as the HCG platinum , which is administered sublingually. If anyone has mentioned to you about a so-called HCG platinum scam, you should take the time out to read HCG platinum reviews to know if this is true or not. However, based on the HCG platinum diet reviews we have gathered, there are no HCG platinum side effects and yes you can very well use HCG platinum as a means to lose weight. Remember to consult your doctor on the HCG Diet or another diet to see if this is for you.

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