HCG As a natural response to losing weight

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HCG is not some fake magical formula or harmful chemical. HCG is the part of nature just as you and I are. And this abbreviation stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in other words, it is a hormone of a human female body. This hormone is produced during pregnancy term.
Now you are probably puzzled and wonder how that hormone can help you in your diet. Well, first, let us announce some finally truly good news that say that HCG diet is approved diet by any medical worker in the world, by the World Health Organization itself, as it is healthy way of losing the fat tissues our organisms do not need, because what you use is the natural product of a human organism.
Now, the HCG diet is based on the scientific revelations and discoveries of Dr Albert T. W. Simeons. He was focused on finding out what made a female body lose a lot of weight during itīs pregnancy period of time, and his focused paid of dearly very soon. Namely, all the research Dr Simeons conducted led to the discovery that Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone was produced during that period of time. The HCG hormone is in charge of taking the stored fat reserves in a female body, then transferring them into healthy to highly rich nutritional reserves and then feeding them to placenta. Therefore, seeing that the HCG fed off unhealthy fats in female organism, Dr Simeons suddenly came to the idea that this hormone may also be very valuable in helping people with obesity problems and it proved right. That is why today we donīt know of HCG as only hormone that protects and nourishes a fetus, but as a truly valuable diet source.
Ok now that we have explained everything you need to know about the hormone before you start your HCG diet, let us see what is the form of that diet and what are you going to go through by implementing the HCG diet to lose weight.
First of all, when you come up with the idea of wanting to utilize this very diet to your benefit, you need to know that the diet is based on the HCG drops. They are injected into your body by a professional doctor and you cannot do it alone. At least it is not an advisable thing to do it on your own. The duration of the treatment with the HCG drops depends on how much weight you want to lose and in what period of time. The usual requirement is the HCG dietary regimen that lasts for 40 days, but it can very depending on your organism, your body and your idea of losing weight. During this period of time you are also advised to cut on the intake of food, meaning not to eat greedily and not to intake massive proportions of food, but you can carry on eating healthy portions during the day, normal portions that your organism truly needs.
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