Guitar Accessories Explained

By: Derek Lloyd

Any budding guitarist will require the use of a guitar, and a number of guitar related accessories to improve their practice. There are a range of guitar accessories available on the market, each with their own features and benefits. This article takes a look at some of the most common types of guitar accessories currently available on the market.

Guitar Bags

Guitar bags will allow you to easily transport your guitar from place to place, they will also ensure that your guitar is protected from small knocks or scrapes. Guitar bags are available for both acoustic and electric guitars, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some of the most famous brands and styles of guitar bags include the Electro-Harmonix bag, the Peavey Sanpera carry bag, and the BC Rich Beast padded bag.


Guitar tuners are devices which will allow you to quickly and easily tune up your guitar. Automatic tuners can either be battery or AC operated. Some brands that manufacture guitar tuners include Ibanez and Fender.


Guitar straps will allow you to easily carry the weight of your guitar when you are playing it. Guitar straps are available is a large range of colours and styles - so you can pick one that complements the style of your guitar. Gibson are famous for making many different styles of guitar straps, including brushed leather straps, saddle straps, woven straps and even a strap that features a lightning bolt design.


Guitar stools are designed for you to comfortably sit on while playing the guitar. They often feature a guitar themed design, which makes them look visually attractive too. Jackson, Fender, Marshall and Gibson all manufacture different styles of stool. Some stools come with a swivel seat.


Guitar strings will inevitably break and need to be replaced over time. The type of strings you use should depend on the type of guitar that you own. If you don't know what to choose then a guitar specialist will be able to advise you on the best strings for your needs. It is worth keeping a spare pack of strings in the event that your guitar strings need to be replaced urgently.

Wall Hangers

Wall hangers are devices which allow your guitar to be neatly displayed on a wall. They typically feature a screw in mounting system, which makes it easy to attach it to almost any type of flat wall. They will also have an auto grip system, which can safely grip different shaped instruments and securely hold them in place.

Books and DVDs

There are a number of guitar related books and DVDs available. Training videos and books will allow you to advance your skills with a home practice. There are training videos on all different categories, such as how to play blues guitar, lead guitar, classical guitar and metal guitar styles. Other books and DVDs will showcase the talents of famous guitarists, or even provide an autobiography of their life. DVDs and books also make great gifts for guitar lovers.

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