Guidelines to Fight Back Negative SEO Attack on Your Business Portal

By: Jack Fernandez

In recent times, most of the webmasters and SEO experts face great challenges in internet marketing. One of these challenges is the attack of negative SEO. This negative SEO is nothing but corrupt procedures like individuals practicing black hat SEO. Their intention is to hurt other competitor’s rank in the search engine. For that, they acquire thousands of back links from below standard websites and start aiming them towards the competitor’s website. This in turn affects the rank of many reputed websites in Google’s search engine.

Websites that falls prey to negative SEO:-

Websites that are being recently launched and those that are yet to establish their existence in their genre, falls prey to negative SEO. Sometimes, even large websites get victimized by this. This means, most of the websites that exists in the web world do have the chance of getting attacked by negative SEO. If such is the situation, then it becomes essential for SEO experts to be aware of this fact. An experienced SEO expert should understand whether the website is being attacked by negative SEO or not and learn the procedures to handle such negative aspects to save the website’s reputation from getting damaged.

  • Sudden fall in ranking –Your website has been holding a rank in the top five rankings in search engine. Suddenly, one fine day you see a major down fall in the ranking, example, your ranking dropped from the top five to the 5th page. This indicates that the site has been attacked by negative SEO.

  • Change in back link profile – Every online business owners should keep an eye over their website’s back link profile. It is quite a simple job. Just by using Google’s webmaster tools you can keep a constant check over the back links and their sources. Usually back links rises up slowly. If you see a rapid development, like sudden increase in the number of back links from a common domain, it’s high time you check on it.

  • Identify negative keywords – Identify the keywords that online visitors mostly use in the search engine. If the maximum number of keywords turns out to be negative, it means someone is trying to hamper your website’s online reputation. For instance, keywords like “site name scam” indicate negative SEO.

  • Fake review – Look out for fake reviews that are quite common nowadays in the web world. These reviews cause a negative impact on the ranking of the website pages.

Now, once you have learned about these factors, it will be easier for you to identify the loopholes in SEO services. However, if you need professional guidance, hire SEO experts in India and consult with them. So, what are you waiting for? Save your website before its image is damaged.

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Jack Fernandez is an SEO expert in India and is involved with a reputed SEO company for a long time. In this article, he discusses about the guidelines that can help you, fight back negative SEO. For professioanl guidance, he aslo asks his readers to hire SEO experts in India.

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