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Triathlon Training program and Triathlon Training Nutrition is a very necessary part of the triathlon. Ohm! No idea what a triathlon is?? Triathlon is basically derived from the Greek word Tri meaning “three” and athlas meaning “Contest”. So it is very clear from the name that the contest must be consisting of three categories. Triathlon is a race that consists of three stages i.e. swimming, cycling and running. A lot of variations are also made in the contest with the time but the main focus is these three sports. There are two types of triathlons, one is triathlon Olympics and the other is sprint triathlon. Sprint triathlons basically cover almost the half of the distance of triathlon Olympics and that is why they are called sprint triathlon.
You may agree with me on the fact that training is the essential thing before jumping into something for the first time. And after you jump in, there is a need of a continuous workout to polish your abilities. Same is the case with the triathlon. Triathlon requires quite a tough training only to run in the Olympics. The main focus of Triathlon Training programs is to build the stamina. Because as much stamina you have that much you can run in the Olympic. There are a lot of different Triathlon Training programs suggested by different people around the globe. But what I think is that not only in triathlon but in every kind of training there are some essentials things or points of consideration to prevail your aim.
The most important thing required before starting the Triathlon Training program is the willpower and the passion. Like, my passion to be in the triathlon would be to lose weight. And for it I will work as hard as I can. So the first important thing here to start the Triathlon Training program is to setup your aim or target i.e. my target is, to lose 15kgs of weight. As I get to know the goal I start working according to that to achieve it. Do the same in your Triathlon Training program; set up a goal or a target that how much you want to run. Another important thing which must be kept in mind during the training is, to start slowly i.e. start with running less distance and then increase it day by day or week by week. This will put durability in the training. After building the stamina, now make proper swimming, cycling and running plan.
With the Triathlon Training program another very important thing which needs to be considered is Triathlon Training Nutrition. Good nutrition is a key to the activeness and durability of the person. It is not possible to win the Olympics by only concentrating on Triathlon Training program and ignoring the Triathlon Training Nutrition. Good nutrition does not really mean that you have to eat a lot but it means a balanced diet i.e. eat natural and limit the usage of unnatural food. I wish you luck for your triathlon, Go get it.

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