Guide to the Best Pond Fountain

By: Jhoana_Cooper

A pond fountain is a great way of adding dissolved oxygen to the water in your pond and beauty to your landscape. Normally one would use a pond waterfall to keep the filters hidden and at the same time provide the required oxygen to the water. Today the need for oxygen can also be met by making use of a pond fountain.

Have you ever listened to the sounds made by a pond waterfall? Its rhythm can be very relaxing and peaceful when you come home from a hard day’s work and sit in the garden to relax. Pond waterfalls also add a lot of charm to your garden and pond.

The pond fountain comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find exactly what you need. Pond fountains might be submersible which means that the feature will be under water. The fountain makes use of the pump to thrust water through the head of the fountain and produce a shower of water above the surface of the pond. Based on the kind of nozzle that you select, the spray will vary from a fine mist, a spray akin to heavy rain or a combination of these. The submersible pond fountain might also come with light features that will add to the beauty making the pond appear even more impressive in the dark.

You might think that setting up a pond waterfall is a very difficult task but it is not so at all. All you need is a pump and a length of hose. First you have to decide on the slope of the place going towards the pond. You can create a slope by using rocks and soil that you got while digging out the pond. Next you need to form the waterfall steps so that the water can flow over and down. You may like to use stone mortar for more effective and long-lasting construction of your pond waterfall.

The other type of pond fountain is the one which goes above the surface of the pond. These pond fountains too make use of a pond pump to direct the water through this device. The only difference in this kind is that it does not spray the water but just pours it back into the pond.

There is an endless number of pond supplies that you can make use of to not only beautify your pond but to keep it clean and free from stagnation so that your fish and pond plants thrive. Experts state that the more the agitation created in the pond the better it is for oxygen to get dissolved in the water and be available for the fish and plants to use so a pond fountain or a pond waterfall is extremely essential.

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