Guide to Effective Dog Joint Pain Relief

By: SA Perillo

Just like most human beings and other living organisms, dogs also suffer the inevitable health deterioration through age. As time goes by, different illnesses may affect every dog that will obviously make an impact to their owners. One of the common illnesses that most dogs go through is arthritis or what we usually call, joint pain. For every dog owners, it is so hard to watch their beloved pet suffer such pain and discomfort all through the years. Yet, it is still in their hand to prevent such uneasy occurrences to happen.

Different studies have been made to further explain the increasing health problems of dogs. According to Dr Pitcairn's Guide to Natural Health for Cats and Dogs, arthritis problems usually occur on dogs which have been fed by ready-made dog foods and processed meats. In his guide, Dr. Picairm reasoned out that most dogs don’t usually get the sufficient nutrients that they need in order to function and live healthy. This is due to the fact that these dog foods are commonly made from artificial additives that will definitely give negative effects on the dogs. Aside from the chemical and artificial ingredients, another dangerous element that has been traced is lead. Studies show that most dog foods have paramount amount of lead, a chemical which is known to be poisonous if taken in scrumptious amount.

Due to these studies, it is advisable for every dog owners to give their dogs that right kind of food for their pets. Recommendations such as having a natural, home-made diet food with supplement additives is the most prioritized change that should be made by every pet lover. This kind of shift will definitely increase the nutrition and health benefits that the dog is having. Thus, making them more resistant from illnesses that may occur later in their life.

Aside from having a home-made diet dog foods, veterinarians also recommend to feed the dogs with omega enriched foods in order to reduce inflammations. Options such as buying specialized dog foods, such as Mussel Dog Food from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, has been proven to be safe and effective in reducing arthritis of the old-aged dogs. This dog food has also been highly recommended for those which are suffering from degenerative dog diseases. In some blind studies made for this dog-food, it will only take six months for it to cure of lessens the discomfort and illness the dog is experiencing.

Another great way of helping dogs with joint pains is to include glucosamine and chondroitin in their diet. Although this will not guarantee that it may help all breed of dogs, it has been proven effective when combined with the Mussel Dog Food diet. It will act as a catalyst and will fasten the effect of omega in its action of curing and helping your dog. It is really hard to see dogs which are suffering from different illnesses, especially joint pains. Having seeing a dog not able to walk, run, and play is not good scenery. Good thing that such instances can be hindered with proper diet and healthy food. And with proper guidance from different studies and professionals, no dog will ever suffer endless joint pains in the future.

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