Guide To Popular Models Of Aquaguard Water Purifiers

By: Divya Kumari

Water purifiers have become a necessity in every household because of the growing number of health issues. They provide clean and healthy drinking water by removing chlorine and other impurities. These are helpful in getting rid of harmful substances such as mercury, lead, copper, germs, bad odor, pesticides & herbicides. They also reduce the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer.

Aquaguard water purifiers, by Eureka Forbes, are available in a wide range to ensure complete protection to your family. Eureka Forbes products are convenient and user-friendly as well. Eureka Forbes is considered to be one of the pioneers in air purification systems, vacuum cleaners and security systems.

Aquaguard purifiers are categorized under different series that include World Series, Premium Essential Series and Expert series. Some of the popular models offered by the brand include:

Aquaguard Enhance UV

The Enhance UV series of purifiers stand against all contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic, iron, chromium and mercury. They ensure water to be free from all disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoa. These come coated with the Global and UV technology. The seven stage purification system makes sure that your drinking water is absolutely pure and crystal clear. The Mineral Guard+ keeps the purifiers effectively functioning. The smart auto-fill technology frees you from the effort of filling them manually. The smart indicators allow you to identify different modes of the purifier through LED indications.

Aquaguard Enhance Green RO

These help save up to 30% water than the conventional purifiers during the purification process. The RO technology membrane eliminates excess TDS, dissolved impurities and other chemical contaminants while retaining the minerals. The special carbon cartridge removes residual organic impurities and retains the original taste of water. The Smart Auto-fill feature ensures that the storage tank is automatically filled.

Aquaguard Hi-Flo

The Hi-Flo series of purifiers come equipped with the Global UV and e-boiling+ technology to electronically boil water. The e-boiling+ technology ensures that every drop of water is safe for drinking. They are also helpful in eliminating bacteria and other impurities in order to ensure clean and safe drinking water. The Purity Sensor system scans water thoroughly whereas the four stage purification system eliminates disease causing bacteria. Even during fluctuating power supply, these purifiers work smoothly with the help of in-built voltage stabilizer. The auto shut-off feature helps in saving energy.

Aquaguard Reviva

The Reviva series of filters come equipped with Global and RO technology to remove all impurities. The RO technology eliminates excess TDS, dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants while retaining the minerals. You can get pure and safe drinking water with the capillary reject water valve. This feature helps the RO membrane to optimize the purified recovery. To ensure constant flow of water, the enhanced booster pump drives water at high pressure. Some of them also come with a transparent tank to keep you aware about the quantity of purified water. Whenever there is no input of water, this filter automatically shuts-off the purifier and saves dry running of pump.

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