Guidance For New Fathers - 5 Baby Care Tips

By: Donnie Boots

Father versus Daddy? Which are you going to be? Any guy can be a father, but can you face reality and take on the responsibilities of being a Daddy? When the baby comes home will you help take care of Baby and Mommy?
Learn proper baby care and diapering right away and keep your baby dry and clean and healthy. If you helped care for a baby when you were growing up or had a really strong Daddy role model to follow, your job is easier now. However, it is still your role now, regardless of how well prepared you may be, or NOT.
Be gentle with your newborn child. Be careful. Your baby is still growing and developing. You may not know your own strength here. And your baby is defenseless and vulnerable. Be GENTLE. Forget the tossing in the air for now. That is hyped up anyhow.
Old timers advise you not to spoil the child, let them cry it out. But don't heed this message. Don't let your infant suffer. It is impossible to spoil a newborn baby. It is not impossible to harm a baby psychologically this early. Often there is a fuss about whether or not to carry your infant while it is crying. Your baby needs something, maybe milk or maybe comfort. This is a really basic need. Nurture your infant while you can.
Taking care of your baby is easy when you remember to put the baby's well-being and safety first in your mind. Never leave your infant unattended on a counter or a bed, even for a minute while you dash for the phone.
Help with baby care. That means if Mommy is breast-feeding, you can be extra supportive for her. And you can help with diaper changing and bottle feeding and bathing and general nurturing. If you are bottle feeding then there are even more things you can do the help out but the idea here is to get involved and stay involved with your infant.
There are a few things for you to remember here that will help you with baby health care. Remember a clean and dry and well-fed and cared for infant means a healthier baby and a happier one too. Also, your baby's skull is still forming. You can cause brain damage by shaking its head. Never shake your baby.
Are you ready to celebrate Father's Day as a Daddy? Now you have a new member of your family. Which will you be? Father or Daddy? The joys of being a new parent are sometimes overlooked when you are weary or frustrated by trying to be all things for all people. It is an awesome responsibility and a tremendous opportunity to nurture and raise a healthy child in this society.

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Caring for babies comes easily to some people but Donnie Boots is an expert with baby care. Donnie can give you some hints, especially if you are the daddy.

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