Guarding your Computer from Silent Spy Ware Bots

By: Mitch Johnson

Spyware records your internet usage allowing advertisers to target you with product ads they feel you would purchase based on the information gathered. It can also record personal information such as credit card info, and social security numbers, leading to identity theft.

While performing common, everyday tasks on the internet computer users are constantly in harms way of spyware. By authorizing the download of freeware and file sharing programs or visiting designated infected sites users are inviting spyware files into their computers. After downloading freeware or clicking on a pop up ad that downloads spyware onto your computer regular functioning can continue, leaving your unaware of the privacy invasion.

Spyware is built to gather information from your computer about your software and internet usage so that advertisers can target you with products they predict will interest you based on the information found through spyware. Some spyware is capable of recording your email and instant messages as well as passwords keyed in and personal numbers such as bank accounts or social security IDís. This information is sent back to the intruder who may use it for identity theft.

Spyware continues to be a prevalent threat because it is difficult to catch the endless types of spyware. Many spyware applications are capable of working silently on your computer, leaving you clueless about the information being exchanged. Other spyware types have odd side effects on your computer. Some spyware is able to hijack your system and control the computer services and programs.

With spyware on your computer system it can also bring a continuous stream of annoying and inappropriate pop ups. Other users will find they cannot surf the internet at their whim because spyware redirects the selected pages. These symptoms can largely be cured by running spyware scan tools such as Spybot and AdAware. Both are free downloads that will scan your system and list infected files found so you can choose to remove or quarantine them.

To avoid massive spyware build ups that can overtake your entire computer and personal information it is best to try preventative measures. Firewalls can help block malicious codes from installing themselves on you computer and running the scanning tools on a regular basis will also help keep things their cleanest. Most spyware targets PCís, especially those using Internet Explorer. Using a Mac computer will help reduce your spyware or just changing your browser from Internet Explorer to an alternate will also minimize spyware infections.

Computers users who keep up with updates offered by software providers such as Microsoft have the upper hand in protecting their systems from spyware because the provider will often release solutions to problems specifically targeting their programs. Experts also claim that having a thorough knowledge of which programs will install spyware or have negative consequences can help in avoiding spy threats. Reading through the entire license agreements before authorizing a download will also warn you of possible spyware or other unwanted applications that come with your download.

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