Growth in the Nursing Marketplace and How You Can Benefit


Current estimates predict that by the year 2020, there will be a shortage of one million nurses in the United States. Experts are guessing that 800,000 nursing positions will not be filled at that time, and the ramifications of this shortage are enormous. However, if you are a nursing student or considering attending nursing school, these numbers should not scare you - they should be encouraging. Never before has there been a better time to pursue a career in nursing. Here's how you can benefit from the current landscape of the nursing profession and also take advantage of the upcoming shortage of qualified individuals.

More Programs for Learning

Until recently, nursing programs in colleges and universities were quite small and selective. These same schools are now increasing their enrollment rates and spots in order to get more people into their nursing programs to help address the nursing shortage. The hope is that these students will continue the program and then go onto a career in nursing.

More Money for Students

In order to entice new students into nursing programs, students are being offered higher scholarships and loans for their education, making it easier to attend nursing school. Too often, money stands in the way of a student's desired career path. However, with these new grants and funds, more students are applying for nursing courses without having exorbitant student loans to pay off in the future.

More Money for New Nurses

At no other time in history have new nurses made the money they are now. Hospitals are doing everything they can to increase the number of nurses on their staff, and they are willing to pay these new nurses more. With signing bonuses and higher hourly wages, new nurses are getting rewarded for their career choice. Some hospitals actually pay for the nurse's educational loans if they sign on to stay for a certain period of time at the hospital.

More Job Choices for Nurses

Since the nursing market has become so competitive, more nurses are holding out for the perfect job arrangement and schedule before agreeing to work for a particular office or hospital. Where these nurses are needed, offices and hospitals are doing everything possible to secure new nurses - whether it's through offering better shifts, better positions, or better benefits. In addition, nurses can apply with temp agencies to work in a variety of nursing positions of their choosing. This allows them to work only when they want to, plus they will get to make more money in this way, creating their own career happiness.

What You Need to Do

If you are getting your nursing degree, start talking to local hospitals about your upcoming graduating to evaluate what kinds of offers might be out there. You may discover that your experience and interests match with a particular hospital and, after considering other offers along the way, you can sign on to work with them when you graduate.

Nurses are going to be retiring in the coming years, and many more qualified professionals will be needed. Thus, if you are a desirable employee with plenty to offer in terms of skills, you will have the opportunity to reap the rewards of virtually guaranteed job security in the future.

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