Grow Your Own Shiitake with a Mushroom Growing Kit

By: Chris Robertson

The Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) is an edible and medicinal mushroom native to China and cultivated in several Asian countries for over one thousand years. The Shiitake has many other names, including black forest mushroom, fragrant mushroom, flower mushroom, and Chinese black mushroom.
In traditional medicine, shiitake have been used to treat upper respiratory disease, poor blood circulation, liver problems, exhaustion, and weakness. Some believe the mushroom has anti-aging properties.

Fresh and dried shiitake are popular in Asian cuisine. Fresh shiitake are full of flavor and have an earthy aroma. They may be sauted as part of Chinese vegetarian dishes or served in Japanese miso soup. The traditional bulgogi (marinated grilled beef) of Korean cuisine uses shiitake. In Thailand shiitake are served fried or steamed.

Some cuisines prefer dried shiitake because they have a more intense flavor, last for months, and are easy to store. They are ideal for soups. Rehydrate dried mushrooms in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes before using, then use as you would fresh mushrooms. Some recipes are better with dried mushrooms. You can use rehydrated dried shiitake mushrooms in any recipe that calls for fresh shiitake.

Global shiitake production has increased the use of these mushrooms in western cuisine. In fact, if you want to grow shiitake mushrooms in your own kitchen you can. All you need is an indoor space with indirect light and a shiitake mushroom growing kit. A shiitake mushroom growing kit will start to produce mushrooms in about one week, giving a total of two pounds of 'shrooms over the next four to six weeks.

A kit for growing shiitake mushrooms includes a shiitake block made of enriched sawdust and wood chips, a hydration tent, complete instructions, and recipes. All you do is soak the block in water for a few hours and watch for the mushrooms grow from little pinheads to maturity in just a few days.
Can you imagine serving your guests shiitake mushrooms you grew in your own home? Cooking shiitake is as easy as growing them. For a simple and scrumptious shiitake dish, put one pound of unsliced mushrooms caps in a baking dish with the gills facing up. Baste with a mixture of one tablespoon olive oil, one tablespoon tamari or soy sauce, two tablespoons sesame oil, two to three tablespoons white wine, a pinch of black pepper, and one or two cloves of crushed garlic. Be careful not to saturate the gills with the sauce. Bake uncovered in a 340o oven for 20 minutes, or barbecue. Serve the mushrooms hot.

A mushroom growing kit is a unique gift for the gourmet cook and mushroom lover. It's perfect for the chef who appreciates the importance of fresh mushrooms and the earthy aroma of shiitake. It's also a terrific gift and learning tool for children that the whole family can enjoy. There is nothing like growing your own food then cooking and eating it together. If you think tomatoes are easy and rewarding to grow, you ought to try shiitake mushrooms!

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