Grow Fresh Ripe Tomatoes in Your Backyard Greenhouses All Year Round

By: Floren Neel

Tired of eating those tasteless and insipid tomatoes during the cold season? Not to worry anymore. Thatís because you can grow these wonderful red fruits and other vegetables in your home conservatory. These home grown tomatoes will be fresh and taste great when nurtured in backyard greenhouses.

It is true that there is nothing like juicy and ripe tomatoes picked directly from the vine. Then, growing the fruit throughout the colder months seems impossible; but no, itís not impossible if you have a backyard planthouse.

There are several portable and easy to install gardening materials and tools to allow cultivation of your preferred vegetables and fruits. You can transform your courtyard into lush greenery profuse with plants, fruits, and vegetables at half the cost. With storage house kits and materials, you can grow them all year round. These storage houses are affordable, compact, easy to install, and lightweight. The weatherproof shell keeps the interiors dry and protected. There are integrated vents that allow for ventilation and also keep pests at bay.

There are numerous reasons why gardening aficionados prefer to cultivate tomatoes in greenhouses. First of all, people can grow these red fruits in places where the summer temperatures are not suitably high to make plants bear red ripe tomatoes. People also cultivate this plant so that they can pick ripe fruits throughout the winter months.

The ideal temperature condition for tomato growth is above 65 degrees. This is imperative for the plants to grow and bear ripe fruits. Therefore, if you have an unused backyard, why not install a lean-to-greenhouse for providing the required temperature. These lean-to varieties can be attached to any potting shed in your home garden. Such conditions ensure that the plant will not have stunted growth. These greenhouse materials have a large screened door that you can open to enable pollinators to fly inside and out during the daytime. This is essential for fruit formation.

There are some factors that need to be considered if you are interested in growing tomatoes throughout the winter months. First, one must ensure that backyard greenhouses have the right light conditions. You can provide for supplemental lighting if you want to see large, flavorful varieties growing during the cold and dark chilly months

Next, you have to consider heat. As you know, these fruits thrive best in temperatures of 65-70 degrees and above. For instance, if you are cultivating only tomatoes in one section of your conservatory, use poly sheets to create an artificial wall so that the entire greenhouse is not heated up. This way, other shrubs and vegetables growing, will not be affected. Some gardeners also make use of heat mats for keeping the fruit warm.

Last but not the least is pollination. Make use of a paintbrush to pollinate tomato flowers with your hands. This is easy as you have to move pollen from one flower to the other to ensure fruit formation.

Now, you can grow juicy tomatoes even during winter provided you follow the instructions religiously. You will be simply delighted to pick fresh ripe fruits and enjoy savoring with salads and soups!

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