Green ways of renovating houses

By: Rakhi Kaptiyal

In that case, the best way to renovate the house would be to reach out for green techniques. It would reduce the impact on the environment and deliver cost advantages. Reusing the debris arising from renovation proves that you care about the environment and take at least some responsibility on your shoulder in order to lower the carbon footprint.

It is better to conduct any kind of demolition process during the office hours, when people are usually away from home. This would make the process least annoying for your neighbors. The work process can be made smooth by keeping the essential tools handy.

As a buyer, you of course have the right to buy any kind of house according to your wish. However, if the same house is harming the nature, then what would be your reaction? Even if your house is not eco friendly, you can always employ green ideas in order to renovate the same property.

While looking for environmental friendly renovation materials, you will have to do some extra searching. The markets for the green materials are much less than those for traditional materials. A green renovation includes restructuring your house in the most eco friendly way. It requires the adoption of sustainable and recycled products. One can restore the sustainability of the house by employing green materials for reconstructing the windows, doors, walls, carpeting, flooring, etc. You can renovate your real estate with ample green materials, like wood, bamboo, cork, cotton, clay, jute, recycled paper etc. One can also make the house environmentally sound by installing natural lights, using the solar power, rather than electrical ones. You will often find that the green products are sustainable, safe, as well as durable for extended use.

For lampshades, it is better to use bamboo shades. Similarly, kitchen counters can always be renovated with recycled papers. You can also use wood for flooring your house. However, do not forget that excessive harvesting of trees leads to environmental damage. Wood is, no doubt, a commendable eco friendly item, but avoid itís over exploitation.

After renovation, try cleaning the debris regularly for effective disposal. A professional can advise you better regarding the channels of disposal and their reuse. You can also dispose the debris with the recycling units to enable its proper use. In a way you are reducing the hazardous junks from being collected in the landfills.

If you are considering new kitchen sets, then why not go for those trendy mud pots? They are useful for cooking, eating, as well drinking. If you are planning to renovate your glass windows, then better go for dual pane wooden windows or jute ones. This would ensure a cool temperature in your room and reduce synthetic items. Try integrating solar panels on the roof of your house, if you are indeed considering green renovation. This would reduce the energy consumption, as well as keep your exorbitant electricity bills at bay.

So, go for the possible green renovation techniques, in order to convert your synthetic house into an eco friendly one.

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