Green Tea - Help Towards A Healthy Life

By: Allison Thompson

The most commonly drunk beverages today are water and green tea. Both of which are more often consumed than any other kind of beverage that you can think of. For many centuries now the Japanese and Chinese have realized the importance of including green tea in their dietary requirements. Although used for centuries in Chinese and Japanese cultures green tea has only recently been acknowledged by Western societies of being a beneficial substance for their health.

Certainly there are plenty of different varieties of tea a person can choose to drink but a lot of people favor green tea simply because it has a very subtle and fresh taste. Although the Japanese and Chinese both drink green tea the ones that they drink have some slight differences to them. In Japan the tea is steam dried rather than being placed in an oven as it is in China.

Although there are many benefits to be gained from drinking green tea it is important to note that there are some disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage to drinking large quantities of green tea is that for some people it can cause problems with their sleeping patterns and they may end up suffering from insomnia due to the amounts of caffeine contained within it. However this is the only disadvantage to be had from drinking this particular beverage and as long as person does not drink too much of it then the benefits actually outweigh any disadvantages.

A large number choose to drink green tea because it contains such high levels of vitamins and minerals which their bodies need to remain functioning properly. It also contains anti oxidant properties which help to improve a person's digestive system and remove unwanted toxins and substances that can cause problems to their health. The other advantage many have found from drinking green tea is that it contains a chemical called thiamine which seems to have a calming effect on the brain and they find they are much better able to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living.

Green tea contains not only high levels of minerals and vitamins in it when brewed and drunk but it also contains high levels of polyphenols as well. This is a chemical which is renowned for having good anti oxidant properties and which help the body to remove unwanted toxins and substances easily. Because of this many people who are trying to lose weight will include green tea into their dietary requirements.

Although today you can actually purchase green tea in tea bags it is best to buy it and brew it in the whole leaf form. This allows the properties contained with in the leaves to be infused more easily into the water. But actually choosing the right green tea to use can be somewhat of a challenge as there are so many different varieties now to choose from.

So when it comes to choosing which green tea you will be drinking as part of your new healthy kind of lifestyle you should look for one of the more well known and easily recognizable varieties. One such tea you should consider trying is Sencha which is produced in China. Not only is this particular tea inexpensive to purchase but has a flavor which you will find extremely palatable.

Whilst a green tea that you might want to consider trying and which comes form Japan is known as Myou-Kou. This tea again has been steamed rather than fermented in order to ensure that as much of its properties are retained. However compared to say Sencha this one is much thicker and has a stronger flavor to it. So actually what green tea you choose to drink will be down to your own personal preference.

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