Green Crafts for Kids

By: Glenn Jostad

Your children can be taught fun habits to preserve our earth's natural resources.. Kids learn by doing, so implementing some green crafts for children into your time together is a terrific way to get them started down the right road. Green crafts require that you use recycled materials for supplies, stuff that would typically go out with the waste.
Green Crafts for children #1: Picture Puzzle
Don't pitch out those old post cards, small printed pictures, or holiday greeting cards, they create excellent fodder for a green crafts for kids project picture puzzle. Choose your various items and mount them with glue (glue stick works fine) on top of a cardboard backing or matte board. Using clear contact paper, wrap the entire board, trimming the edges as necessary. Subsequently, get a box cutter or Exacto knife and measure and cut your brand new artwork into different pieces to make a picture puzzle. Don't want to cut up your beautiful creation? Then use it for a unique placemat! Either way, the kids can have enjoyment reworking the puzzle time and time again or enjoying their shrewdness on display at your table, and you just saved some items from the landfill. As a special note, always supervise your kid when using the box cutter or Exacto knife, or do the cutting component of the project yourself for safety's sake. Small hands and sharp instruments never blend!
Green Crafts for kids #2: Mega Crayon
Each home with kids has hundreds of old, broken crayons laying around! Never worry, there's no need to toss those expensive Crayolas; simply change them into a super crayon. Get all of the crayon tips and scraps from the crayon box, and remove all of the paper wrappers. Stuff a clean, tomato paste can with broken crayons until it's about ½ to ¾ full. Set the can over a food warmer or in a saucepan of boiling water on the stove top. As a special note, supervise your child throughout the project, particularly while the wax is melting; little eyes and hands around a hot stove can be a formula for tragedy. Allow crayons to melt slowly so that the unique colors do not combine together. Take away from heat source and permit the mold to dry or dip the container in a sink that is filled with cold water. When the super crayon has set, remove it from its mold and enjoy!
When searching for exciting, rainy day projects to do with your children, never fail to notice the simplicity of recycled resources you'll save money and reduce your family's carbon footprint at the same time with green crafts for children.

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Glenn Jostad is the author of the website Eco-Family Fun where learning about the conservation of natural resources is fun and informative for the whole family.

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