Great Tips For Effective Web Marketing

By: Sarah Carlye

If you`re trying to develop a new website, then there are a few marketing strategies that you need to know. There is a lot of competition out there, so you`ll have to do a lot of work if you want to take your online business to the top. But how? This guide will provide you with some tips for successful internet marketing.

For starters, you`ll need to work at receiving organic search engine traffic. Sixty percent of all search engine traffic comes from Google, so you`ll obviously need to optimize your website so that you`ll receive targeted traffic from there.

Websites that are well established tend to rank high with Google. Many of the top ranking websites have been in business for more than a year. So if your website is new, don`t worry if it`s not ranking high just yet-give it some time. The hard work you put into it now will pay off in the future. As long as you are consistent with optimizing your website, you will see results.

The most popular search engine optimization method is to work with keywords and keyword phrases. What keyword or keyword phrase do you think your potential visitors will type into Google in order to find your site? How competitive are those keywords? Try to aim for optimizing keyword phrases that aren`t very competitive. There are many low competing keywords and keyword phrases that can still generate decent traffic.

If you`re not certain which keywords you should be aiming for, you should consider consulting with a SEO professional. You could also ask for help on one of the many internet marketing forums found on the web.

If you prefer doing things on your own, then simply type the keywords and keyword phrases into Google yourself and see how many results are associated with each. The results are in the upper right hand corner. The number represents how many websites your own will be competing against for that specific keyword. The higher the number, the more work you`re going to have to do in order to get a high ranking.

If you want to study your competition more, then visit all the websites on the first three pages. Click on "view" - "page source" and then take a look at all the keywords listed. The list of keywords should be near the top of the source page. These are the keywords that you should be optimizing your page for if you want to compete.

Notice that the other websites don`t have the keywords from their source page spammed all over their website. They have the keywords implemented in their content in a professional manner. This is what you need to do. Make sure your website is filled with professional articles, news, product descriptions, etc. Don`t just fill your pages up with useless information. The content should be professional and informative. Your goal should be to not only receive visitors, but for them to keep coming back as well. This can be ensured by making your website`s content informative, useful, and interesting.

Off page optimization is just as important as on page. This means that in addition to optimizing your website for search engines, you should also work on building your backlinks. While taking a look at your competitors` websites, you could also try to get them to exchange links with you. Some may charge you to display your banner on their pages, but the investment may well be worth it.

Why? Because Google will see that a high ranking website linked to your own, and your site may end up ranking higher as a result. This is called the PR rank (Google page rank). If you`re not receiving a lot of traffic, then it could be because your PR rank is rather low. By receiving a backlink from a website with a high PR, your website will end up ranking higher a result. This is why you should work at obtaining many important backlinks.

This can be done in a method of ways: article marketing, social bookmarking, writing a blog, submitting your links to directories, paying for advertising, having a signature link in forums, submitting press releases about your business, etc.

Needless to say, website promotion is a lot of hard work-especially if you`re dealing with a lot of competition. You need to be aggressive with your internet marketing campaign (without spamming). Don`t just sit back and expect a lot of traffic-you`re going to have to work hard for it. But if you`re consistent with your hard work, it`ll all pay off in time.

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