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By: Johnny Baker

Fiber glass differs from mineral fiber. Fiber glass is the type of insulating material that is the result of fiber glass (Fiber glass). Fiber glass is also called mineral fiber insulation.

Fiber glass is often used as insufflable fiber for cavity wall insulation. Fiber glass insulation has a high insulation value. What are the more benefits of Fiber glass? Does Fiber glass have disadvantages? With the fiberglass insulation machine the options are perfect now.

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Fiber glass

Fiber glass is a mineral fiber for insulation. In the case of cavity wall insulation, Fiber glass is blown into the cavity. That is why it is also called blow-on fiber.

Know everything about cavity wall insulation
Fiber glass or rock fiber, what is the difference?

These types of insulating material are the result of fiber glass (Fiber glass) or stone (rock fiber). They are also called mineral fiber insulation. Fiber glass and rock fiber are used as insulation material for cavity wall insulation. And also there are roof insulation and floor insulation and for that the cellulose insulation blower is very important. Fiber glass, like rock fiber, is sold in the form of plates and blankets.
What is Fiber glass insulation?

Fiber glass is a fiber of silicate (a mineral). Silicates are raw materials for glass. Fiber glass is made from sand and recycled glass. Fiber glass is made of fibers and holds air. As a result, it works well as insulation in the cavity. Fiber glass as an insulating material is available as insufflable fiber, Fiber glass blankets and Fiber glass panels.

Fiber glass is often blown into the cavity wall. The loose fiber is used as blowing fiber. In the Netherlands, a lot of work is done with cavity fiber for cavity wall insulation. Inflatable fiber looks like white cotton. The fiber is made of glass. There is a new type of Fiber glass on the market, which is called '' virginfiber ''.Now the blowing machine for insulation is a perfect option there.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation in a row:

Are there after In cavity wall insulation Fiber glass is used as blowing fiber. On other properties, standard HR + Fiber glass scores the same as HR ++ Fiber glass. It is resistant to weathering, is rot-proof and does not form a breeding ground for vermin.

About us:- The industrial insulation vacuum is the best option there. Fiber glass has good sound insulation, slightly less good than rock fiber. Silicones make this mineral fiber insulation water-repellent.

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