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By: Mel Joelle

Within the body of every iPhone is a powerful GPS unit that is capable of identifying its location within a few feet, anywhere in the world. This global positioning technology utilizes dozens of satellites that are flying in orbit, streaming information to the iPhone. App developers have now harnessed this technology and made hundreds of GPS apps available in Apple’s app market. Here is a handful of the top picks that will keep iPhone owners on the correct path.


In the world of iPhone apps, some app programmers have decided that there is no difference between social media platforms and GPS units. Waze has combined these two elements to make a surprisingly helpful app for everyday use. In terms of giving maps and directions, Waze has a very simple 2D interface that will give vocal and visual directions nearly anywhere in the world. The unique feature of this app involves the community that has been built around it. Waze subscribers can check in at destinations, allowing their friends to find them. Instead of giving a friend awkward directions to the middle of a parking lot outside the mall, Waze can lead to subscribers directly to one another within a few feet. Subscribers can also notify other Waze users of any problems on the road such as accidents and construction work, potentially shaving hours off of their driving time.

Mapquest 4 Mobile

Mapquest has transformed itself into one of the most popular navigational companies in the world. It receives tens of millions of users per day and has coverage in nearly every country in the world. They have recently released their updated Mapquest 4 Mobile to the Apple app market to offer directions on the fly. Just as with the web browser version of Mapquest, Mapquest 4 Mobile is extraordinarily easy to use and serves its purpose well. Those who download this app can quickly input any two locations, including the iPhone’s current location, and receive step by step directions. There are also small tabs that can be tapped for gas stations, motels, restaurants, and even points of interest. The recent updates also allow for voice navigation as well as voice input commands.


TomTom originally made a name for itself as a standalone GPS company, but that quickly changed with the rising popularity of smartphones. TomTom has instead decided to offer its services as a paid app on the iPhone app market. While TomTom is one of the more expensive GPS apps, it also offers the most features and the highest amount of information. What makes this app stand apart from the others is the traffic updates that stream in by the second. TomTom does an excellent job of dynamically re-routing drivers to find the quickest way to their destination. It also includes most of the features of Mapquest 4 Mobile such as the points of interest, restaurants, gas stations, and motels tabs. While this app does not have the social media applications of Waze, when it comes to the best directions, TomTom is the app to purchase.

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